How New York’s Baby Boutique LIORE’e Redefines Luxury for Babies

by Thomas Herd

In New York City, shopping is a way of life. When searching for even the rarest of fashionable and luxury goods, the city always has something to offer for fashionistas of all ages— babies, too. One emerging luxury boutique out of New York has redefined luxury with babies in mind with a line of accessories, jewelry and shoes. LIORE’e, known originally for their crystal-embellished pacifiers, was launched in 2017 by entrepreneur Daniella Zoharetz. With a background in finance and business and a passion for fashion and babies, Zoharetz created LIORE’e, a destination for luxury adornments and accessories for babies and small children. Despite the economic downturns brought on by the pandemic, LIORE’e saw significant success over the last two years, as clients quickly became obsessed with the brand and its products began to spread by word-of-mouth. Last year alone, the brand was recognized for being part of the top one percent of growth revenue in the Shopify store. The brand famously collaborated with Kardashian pals, twins Malika and Khadijah when the sisters were pregnant with their respective babies. Known for their line of crystal-adorned accessories, including pacifiers, pacifier clips, bottle tops, and baby slippers, LIORE’e is the premier destination for ultra-luxury baby gifts and items.

With products that are memorable, high-quality and beautiful, LIORE’e creates items that will someday become mementos and keepsakes for children as the detail and luxury poured into each accessory is one-of-a-kind.  “Before I started LIORE’e, I wasn’t happy with the options available. Sure, some clothing lines looked great, but they didn’t sparkle! They didn’t stand out,” Zoharetz says. “As a mom, I wanted to do something that combined babies and fashion. So I came up with LIORE’e and my mission was to create unique, luxury items and accessories, made from premium quality that you would not find anywhere else.” While the brand is known for its luxe take on baby accessories, Zoharetz says the brand is looking forward to expanding beyond their current inventory by incorporating casual wear clothing and other items into the LIORE’e line next year. Still, with crystal-adorned accessories as their trademark products, LIORE’e continues to elevate the meaning of luxury for babies. To learn more about LIORE’e visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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