How Franky Diamond Honored His 50-year-old Family Legacy by Becoming a Top Jewelry Designer

by DN News Desk

Diamonds don’t just sparkle; they dazzle with an otherworldly radiance and elusive beauty. Out of all the gemstones on the planet, they are the most precious and the most enduring, and they possess a timeless and exquisite quality that enthralls every generation. Diamonds are in Franky Diamond’s blood, and that is why he has dedicated his life to the celebration of the sublime gem by becoming a sought-after and renowned jewelry designer. Although Franky’s passion for diamonds is apparent, he had almost stepped into a different career. Yet, when you come from a family of jewelry designers who specialize in working with diamonds, blood will always win out. Franky revealed, “At first, I followed the traditional path of going to university and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I then became a tax analyst in a big accounting company, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I felt stuck in a rut.”

Franky then decided to turn his hand to the family trade and use the skills he learned from his grandfather and his father to make a name for himself as a top jewelry manufacturer and designer. Franky revealed, “It’s the uniqueness and resilience of diamonds that encouraged me to break out of the 9-5 grind. Each diamond is born out of fire and fury. To gaze upon a diamond was once thought to give you strength, and they have definitely inspired me to do more with my life.” The brand that Franky co-founded is White Carat Co., started with a team of two and has now grown manifold. They’ve made great strides in a short amount of time, but Franky believes the company is destined for bigger and brighter things. Franky added, “Each diamond possesses a unique character, and it is my job as a designer to enhance and celebrate that character. My family has worked for over half a century to help bring the inner fire and unique properties of diamonds out to the world. I’m proud to continue that legacy and ensure that it continues to shine like the most dazzling diamond.”

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