The Daily Wonders…How’s Your Beach Bod?

by Sydney Sadick

It’s okay to obsess over you beach bod, loves…just as long as you tell us exactly what you’re doing!

Sophie Elgort
“My go-to workout is SoulCycle. I also just started Pilates at Karen Lord Pilates Movement. It’s really good!”

Stella Maxwell
“I have a trainer who keeps me on my regimen, and I also like to go hiking in L.A. with friends.”

Maxwell Osborne
“My winter body is in better shape than my summer body.”

Jeremy Scott
“I’m trying to take my body back for summer. That’s my goal: SoulCycle three times a day for two weeks. Then I might be ready. I love Angela Davis—she’s my guru—and Pixie. I get so much out of not only the workout, but also out of the spiritual cleansing.”

Paris Hilton
“I don’t work out. I think it’s because I travel so much and work and dance.”

Zanna Roberts Rassi
“I just went to SLT for the first time, and I’m in agony. But I’m going to go back!”

Shoshanna Gruss
“I love to run outdoors, and once the weather turns, I usually do drop-off with my kids, and then run around the Central Park Reservoir twice. I also walk about three miles a day in this city. I consider carrying my three-year-old twins to be the best upper body workout there is!”

 Jennifer Fisher
“I got really lucky because my birthday is May 1, and I do a girls trip to Miami every year to get it together before the summer.” 

Chris Benz
“It’s good. I’m experimenting with the five-two diets. Today is one of the two fasting days, so I’m usually way prettier and funnier.”

 Andy Cohen
Horrible. I’m at my all-time high- I haven’t had time to exercise.”

Victor Cruz
“It’s coming along well! I’ve had no choice but to work on it year-round. I’m excited to get to a beach, though. The weather is finally starting to change. I’m ready to get on some sand.”

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