Editor’s Pick: Fleur’d Rose Quartz Leather Dahlia Pin

by Aria Darcella

What: The Fleur’d lambskin leather dahlia pin in rose quartz.

Who: Fleur’d was founded in 2014 by Andrew Werner as a way to make menswear sparkle. Photographer, Werner noticed that shooting men on red carpets or at galas was a little ho-hum. “Every men’s outfit was always the same,” he has said. “Some variation of: black tuxedo, white shirt, black bowtie. Where was that something extra to showcase individuality?” Since then the chic little pins have been seen on the likes of Tom Hanks, Tracy Anderson, and D.L. Hughley.


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Why: Because Werner is right — menswear is very samey. Or at least, it was. Now men have more options for standing out than just shaking up their tie game. The dahlia pin in rose quartz is particularly versatile. It would look just as at home on a wintery navy suit as it would on a summery gray linen. If pink just isn’t your shade, or dahlia’s aren’t your thing, don’t fret. Fleur’d has a bevy of flower pins in a variety of colors, shapes, and fabrications. They’re a charming gift if you’re looking to outfit your crew this holiday season — or if you’d like to outfit yourself to suit your mood and wardrobe.

Where: fleurdpins.com

How (much): $95

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