Facing 'The Face', Episode 5 Recap

by The Daily Front Row

Tonight, another new episode of The Face airs on Oxygen, and our Pratt intern Samantha Borek is back with another recap of last week’s episode to get you up to speed. How are things going for Naomi, Lydia, and Anne? 

In the wake of last week’s elimination, Naomi Campbell was not a happy camper. Team Lydia Hearst‘s girl Allison is their saving grace, thanks to her ‘It’ girl look, and she assured Anne V she would not be in the elimination room again (we’ll see how that goes). Her teammates, Amanda and Ray, had a different reaction to Allison’s rescue—they’d rather be down one negative blonde than have a one-up on Naomi’s team. This was one elimination that put everyone on edge.

Viral videos were the name of the game this week when Nathalie Sears, president of Liebeskind North America, asked the girls to showcase Liebeskind handbags for the entire internet to see. The choreography must be edgy, which for Team Lydia meant cheerleader chic, and totally flaunt the product. The bags would be thrown off screen so that when edited they would be one continuous take with each girl capturing the bags. 

Lydia seemed to believe that her own experience in viral vids would win her this week’s challenge. In terms of the internet, though, her team might’ve won simply because the video was that bad. Even Karen Elson, who came by to coach the teams, urged Team Lydia to change their choreography. Ray was the only one who seemed to be having any fun. We have to admire her tenacity when she knows she’s on the losing team. Allison’s runway legs went into newborn horse territory when she got to her takes. So much for those 12 million views Lydia bragged about.

Felisa, who insisted that she had rhythm, really botched the big one this week. Not only did she not have rhythm, but she just couldn’t get away from her good-girl genes to give Sears what the brand wanted. Afiya was totally into the beat until she beamed Felisa in the airhead with one of the luxe satchels. We said over here, guys. Sears actually considered Team Naomi’s choreography more cheer-like. We weren’t watching the same bootylicious Afiya, were we?

Meanwhile, Team Anne V was preparing to snatch the red carpet from under the other teams once again. If only Khadisha could get her moves together. We remember when Khadisha was our go-to girl.  V’s girls pulled out the best vid.  Sharon was the shining star of the video and not only won it for her team, but also won a chance to campaign for Liebeskind. When the winner was announced it was obvious she thought her flawless teammate Tiana would win. If you watch carefully you can see the exact moment Sharon’s heart bursts.

With teams Lydia and Naomi up for elimination again, we were really hoping that Naomi wouldn’t send Afiya home in the name of strategy (because that’s worked so well in the past). Our prayers were answered and Felisa and Allison went into their fashion tête–à–tête.

Sorry Allison, you were the weakest link. Goodbye.

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