Facing 'The Face', Episode 2

by The Daily Front Row

Another new episode of Oxygen’s The Face returns tonight and our Pratt intern, Samantha Borek, has written another recap of last week’s episode to keep us up to speed on the coming and goings on the show. What’d ya miss? 

And we thought the premiere c’est dramatique! Between a nude shoot for Frederic Fekkai and Kira’s racial statements to Afiya Bennett, the competition was anything but friendly in this latest episode of The Face. Everyone was shocked to find that Ray Clanton had somehow made it through elimination, and we were even more surprised that the claws didn’t come out when Anne V. found out her Swiss princess Isabelle Bianchi had been sent home.

This week’s challenge was a hair makeover and nude hair campaign for, and judged by, Frederic Fekkai. Guess he’s scouting out his winning girl already! Lydia Hearst’s girl, Ray, had the most dramatic transformation, thanks to a radical shoulder-length cut and a chestnut dye job. Naomi thought it was a crime to get rid of such beautiful blond locks, and Hearst frankly told her to “shove it up her ass.” We were a little iffy on the Kristen Schaal-esque look too, but after a nice blow dry Ray was looking less Denny’s diner girl and more Fekkai casual chic.  And did you know about Nakisha Bromfield’s wig? Lydia sure didn’t.

When it came time to don the g-strings and pasties, the curlers really hit the fan. Afiya went to Naomi saying that it wasn’t showing skin bothering her, but Kira Dikhtyar’s snobby attitude. Cameras couldn’t reveal this, but Kira allegedly said that the Fekkai Girl was caucasian without hair extensions, and that a non-American had no chance in the competition. It’s 2014, Kira, get real. Naomi went from miffed mentor to Queen of Hearts when she revealed the remark to a room full of stylists, the models, and Fekkai himself. Kira, honey, it’s going to take a lot to get back into her (and our) good graces. It was hard to sympathize with her during her crying confessional. 

The girls had a tough time to shake off that kind of controversy before getting in front of the cameras. Sharon Gallardo couldn’t loosen up despite Anne’s coaching, team Lydia kept squishing their new ‘dos, and Amanda Gullickson couldn’t turn off the sex appeal. It’s a hair ad, ladies, turn up the tresses! Team Naomi’s pose was nothing short of barely there, only just managing to cover all the naughty bits. Kira proved to be the weakest link on Team Naomi when she couldn’t bounce back from the public shaming. But everyone else, especially Felisa Wiley, brought their A game.

None of the photos were perfect, but Fekkai was digging Team Naomi (surprise, surprise) for the new feature on his website, and once again Anne V. and Lydia had to send two girls to face Naomi since she won the challenge. Team Anne made a bold move sending their top girl Khadisha Gaye in against Nakisha from Team Lydia. Didn’t you learn your lesson last time, Anne? Naomi was stunned that these two were sent in after the day’s events. Can’t you ladies stop playing strategy and look at who really should pack their bags? We’re looking at you, blondies. Nakisha, sensing that she was no match against Khadisha, couldn’t come out of her shell enough to defend herself, and was sent home for not having any fight left in her. Only when Naomi handed Nakisha her book did she turn on the water works. Too little, too late hon. The Queen has spoken. 

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