Editor’s Pick: by robynblair x Mini Melanie Candy Cookie Box

by Freya Drohan

What: Why pick between cookies or candy? This picture perfect Candy Cookie Box is the ideal gift to send to the sweet lover in your life. Or—even better—to you, from you.

Who: Robyn Blair Davidson, creator of by robynblair and known for her good-enough-to-eat artwork, teamed up with Chelsea Market-based bakery Mini Melanie to create this edible joy.

by robynblair X Mini Melanie
Candy Cookie Box (courtesy)

Why: Each delectable box, which can be shipped nationwide, contains a freshly-baked assortment of two gummy bear vanilla sugar cookies,  two vintage candy bar chocolate sugar cookies, two lollipop vanilla sugar cookies, and two wrapped candy vanilla sugar cookies—all in colorful packaging that’s sure to make you smile. If your mouth is watering already, we really don’t blame you.

Where: byrobynblair.com

How much: $68

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