Discovering the Stellar Craftsmanship That Makes AdornA Lux Diamond House

by Amir Bakian

Establishing your brand in the jewelry industry requires the crafting of unique jewelry pieces that embody luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. In particular, women have always demonstrated a love of sophisticated yet alluring jewelry, and it is top quality that keeps them coming back for more. AdornA Lux Diamond House discovered this secret and leads in making the most sought-after jewelry. AdornA Lux Diamond House is distinctive in its intricate yet exceptionally modern and clean-lined designs and craftsmanship. AdornA Lux Diamond House principal designer leverages her extensive experience growing up as an international citizen. At an extremely young age, she had extensive exposure to diamonds, gemstones, diamond mines, and high-end jewelry. She used this experience and exposure to build AdornA Lux Diamond House into a global aesthetic. To succeed in the jewelry industry, you must first understand what beauty means to a woman. The principal designer of Adorna Lux Diamond House deeply understands beauty and what it means to be a woman. Jewelry has a special meaning and value to its wearer, whether its an engagement ring or a special heirloom passed from generation to generation. The principal designer has a deep connection that gives her an advantage in sourcing the best materials to make their jewelry globally. Their clients benefit from the best pricing for the highest quality hand-crafted finishes. AdornA Lux Diamond Houses ultimate goal is to hold hands with its customers and walk them through the process of picking or designing from scratch a special piece that fits each customer. They believe every customer is unique, and the jewelry should be unique like the wearer. They aim to find the exact fit, satisfy their customers and at the same time, offer customer-friendly prices. An industry leader, Adorna Lux Diamond House designs have been considered at Christies auction house. They have been invited to Paris, Milan, and New York fashion weeks to collaborate with designers for runway shows. Also, celebrities such as Lisa Vanderpump, Caitlyn Jenner, and Heather El Moussa wear their designs. However, it was challenging for Adorna Lux Diamond Houses principal designer to build a leading jewelry brand. She says being a mother of five and balancing between work and home life has been a constant struggle. She often found herself at crossroads trying to manage her time and fulfill her work obligations and read books such as a 4-Hour Work Week to overcome this hurdle and used other time management tools. Adorna Lux Diamond House timeless collections are about passing heirlooms on to the next generation. The principal designer wants people to know that life is short and there is no room for saying and acting in a way that is not meant, as every second counts, and we can only make the best of every moment we have.


Adorna Lux Diamond House is committed to making one-of-a-kind pieces, being the trendsetter in the jewelry industry, and making their clients feel more beautiful. They hope to maintain their strong online presence on social media platforms and streamline their online ordering process to make the ordering process more informal and comfortable for clients. They also hope to expand their brand and open stores in Dubai and Shanghai.

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