Dayor Agency revamps the way of talent management, every creator becomes a success

by Amir Bakian

In a world that is increasingly focused on the image and in which we are overloaded with information, it can be difficult, especially for a woman, to bring out one’s talent beyond the image. Many models, influencers and digital creators often don’t have a clear idea of ​​who they are and what their talents are. Many women are a sort of  ‘hidden gems’ who try their way to success with confused ideas and without knowing where to start. Many give up because they feel discouraged.Today things are finally changing because Dayor Agency, a multi-award-winning digital and social marketing agency among the first in the world, takes the field. Dayor has a mission: to discover talents and guide them on the path to success by putting people first. Their task is to better manage and filter the path of these talents, from the very beginning and from the basics, to accompany them towards a new world of work that is profitable and lasting over time.

But Dayor is well aware that in this large and competitive world, it is necessary to focus everything on quality and not on quantity to achieve concrete objectives. Dayor’s team, made up of professionals with decades of experience in the trade, works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help its customers, whether they start from 0 or are already established on average, to become leaders in their sector. It helps influencers, digital creators, mainly women, to discover their own value by supporting their advertising campaigns, their content, posts, DMs and everything else they need. Thanks to Dayor, every woman, model, influencer rediscovers her own light, giving herself the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

At the base of the work of Dayor Agency there is a real teamwork that takes into account the person, the individuality of the subject and his talent and helps each of these people to monetize their passions, their voice, their face, maximizing revenue. Dayor is a leading company in the world because it gives concrete opportunities to people who have that extra something they need to stand out in the world. The models who work with Dayor learn not to limit themselves, not to be “something for someone else”, but to discover, rather, their value and their identity. But despite the competitiveness in this trade is great and ‘ruthless’ Dayor does not deny anyone the path to success. As long as you work hard and seriously. Dayor analyzes the profile of each model or entrepreneur to guide them towards the creation of unique content and / or advertising campaigns, always keeping in mind the tastes and desires of the public. This is what lies behind the success of Dayor and its ‘stars’.

The agency is not limited to managing the profiles of each individual client but works seriously to put each influencer in contact with possible colleagues, expanding the network of each model and allowing them to receive more requests for collaborations and adv. Dayor becomes a bridge between digital entrepreneurs and the world of work, guiding each woman step by step, with the support of a super active team always ready to intervene. Every model who enters the agency is able to find support, support, continuous help and always new ideas to find inspiration. Nothing is left to chance in the world of Dayor, as it should be for a leading and professional marketing agency. Through detailed analysis and cutting-edge digital survey tools, Dayor is always able to offer the best suggestions ad personam. Everyone is different, everyone has their own path, their own talent, their own identity and this is what Dayor always puts first.

Dayor stands out because it listens and understands the requests and needs of each individual customer; What interests these people a models or influencers, among the most followed in the world, with millions of followers, is not the number of followers (Dayor knows this well) but the ability to identify and develop their talent making it a real job and just as well as a great personal satisfaction. The work and the great success of Dayor is to create synergies, networks, job opportunities and connections between people and between people and the world of work. It is a concrete commitment that takes into account the needs and personality of each individual model to help them open the doors of success and stand out, shining like comets in a sky full of stars.

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