CBD For All: A Holiday Gift Guide with Wendy Nguyen Of Artemis

by Alex Dickerson

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This holiday gifting season at The Daily, we enlisted our favorite chicsters to tell us the presents they’re giving, receiving, or just plain swooning over. Next up: Wendy Nguyen, the OG influencer and owner of CBD destination Artemis, who decodes how you can give the gift of wellness to everyone in your circle. She brought in Dr. Junella Chin – a world-leading cannabis physician and Artemis’ chief medical advisor to explain how CBD can help alleviate what ails you. Consider that holiday stresses erased!

For the insomniac: Artemis x Hivi Sleep Kit – $79

Wendy’s tip: A good night sleep is essential to our wellbeing, but it can sometimes be challenging to unwind after a stressful day. Here to help is our Artemis x Hivi ‘Sleep Kit’ and Bloom Farm’s Dream tincture. The ‘Sleep Kit’ is designed to give you a good night’s rest by providing a complete night time routine. It includes a jar of Potli honey—infused with CBN and CBD to help promote restfulness and tranquility of the body and mind—as a companion to Common Ground’s soothing tea blend. It also includes a travel size version of Bloom Farm’s Dream tincture, a powerful oil enhanced with potent hemp-derived CBN for boosted evening relaxation and sedative effects to help promote restful, restorative sleep. Complete your nighttime routine on a sweet note with Essential’s Star Gummies, Vertly’s lip butter, and our plush satin eye mask.

If you prefer skipping the evening routine and getting straight to the point, then Bloom Farm’s Dream tincture (the travel size version is included in the ‘Sleep Kit’) is the nighttime hero. It combines CBD with CBN, a cannabinoid studied for its sleep-supporting properties, to help induce relaxation and tranquility for restorative rest.

Artemis CBD Sleep KitDr. Chin’s notes: Circadian Rhythm is your internal twenty four-hour clock within your brain that communicates its signal to every other region of your brain and every organ in your body. This biological clock controls not only sleep, but emotions, appetite, hormones, metabolism, and body temperature. Why and how does CBD/cannabis work for sleep disruption? Anxiety, stress, and chronic sleep deprivation all inhibit GABA: a naturally occurring brain chemical that directs neurons to slow down or stop firing. This neurotransmitter also helps to induce sleep, relax muscles, and calm down. In essence, GABA directs the body to chill out. Cannabis modulates GABA, helping return the body to its more normal functions.

For the stressed: Common Ground Balance Capsules – $65

Wendy’s tip: Designed to help ease modern-day sources of anxiety, these two gift suggestions are not only beautifully designed but also thoughtfully created: Common Ground‘s Balance capsules and Remedy‘s vanilla tincture. The capsules are powerful, precise, and travel friendly. And the tincture is calming with a smooth and gentle sweet finish. Both are here to help reduce stress and achieve mood balance.
Common Ground CBD CapsulesDr. Chin’s notes: Some of the primary ways that CBD might be able to affect anxiety—that we know of so far—are through several mechanisms: inhibiting FAAH and increasing anandamide (improving the Endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS), modulating excitatory signaling (affecting the “volume” of brain signaling), and manipulating serotonin receptors (affecting mood directly). Cannabinoid receptors, like CB1 receptors, are located all throughout the brain and are involved in many different processes, including modulating mood. CBD can help balance the ECS and also directly interacts with certain serotonin receptors that are thought to be involved in anxiety and depression.

For the athlete: Wildflower Stick – $74.99

Wendy’s tip: For an athlete or as an ideal companion for post-workout recovery, it may be best to tackle pain and encourage inflammation reduction from multiple approaches—a localized CBD near the pain area using a topical like the Wildflower stick, while also consuming CBD orally with Papa & Barkley capsules so that the CBD can interact with the brain and help address pain from that angle as well.
CBD Wildflower Stick

Dr. Chin’s notes: CBD-containing topicals are products that you apply to the surface of your skin. Topicals are nonintoxicating because surface application to your skin usually does not cross the barrier that keeps most topicals from entering your bloodstream. For deeper muscular or joint relief, consider ingesting CBD in capsule or oil form in addition to using a topical. In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also can affect the experience of pain by modulating the “volume” of pain signaling in the brain. It does this by manipulating glutamate and GABA signaling.

For the beauty junkie: Saint Jane Beauty Serum – $125

Wendy’s tip: These are perfect gifts for someone special in your life or as an indulgent treat for yourself. First up, Saint Jane‘s beauty serum. With the highest CBD concentration in the beauty industry, this award-winning Saint Jane CBD serum is packed with 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD, plus 20 potent botanicals to deeply hydrate, calm, and soothe the skin. Another powerful and beautiful gift item is Common Ground‘s Rosewood Body creme. Enriched with 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD and Rose Absolute, this multipurpose creme is ideal for stressed muscles and designed to help provide moments of relaxation.
Saint Jane Beauty SerumDr. Chin’s notes: The endocannabinoid system (ECS) of our skin produces endocannabinoid molecules. If there is an imbalance in our skin’s ECS, we develop skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, hair growth disorders, and excess oil production. A way to balance out our skin’s ECS is to apply phytocannabinoids (or plant cannabinoids) onto the skin. CBD is a plant cannabinoid, thus playing an integral part in optimizing our skin health. The benefits of CBD skincare includes balancing acne and dryness, reducing inflammation and redness, and providing an antioxidant boost thus slowing the signs of skin aging.

For yourself: Artemis x Hivi Me Time Kit – $79

Wendy’s tip: Our ‘Me-Time‘ kit is a complete package created to encourage moments of joy and relaxation. It starts with Quim’s Happy Clam intimacy oil, and staying true to the spirit of me-time, also includes products that encourage personal moments of relaxation such as the experience of drawing a bath with Life Elements’ bath bomb and reinvesting in your beauty routine with Saint Jane’s beauty serum. The ‘Discovery Kit‘ also celebrates me-time by promoting a sense of calm to everyday moments and providing relief for stressed muscles and overworked limbs.

Dr. Chin’s notes: Sex involves a complex set of physical, mental, and emotional reactions that can be positively influenced by cannabis or CBD. It works in different, more wholistic ways to promote the following, all of which could enhance your sexual wellness—increased relaxation, reduced anxiety, lowered inhibitions, increased hormone production, increased sexual arousal, and increased sensitivity in your erogenous zones.

For parents & grandparents: Papa & Barkley Holiday Kit – $99

Wendy’s tip: To express care for those who deeply care for us, this holiday season brings prioritizing their health and wellbeing to the top of the list. The Papa & Barkley holiday kit is a well rounded, all in one care package that delivers high-potency and cannabinoid-rich formulations and products. The Bluebird capsules are created with a powerful blend of CBD and CBDA, a nondecarboxylated form of CBD that has shown to have an absorption rate of 11x more than CBD. Both are thoughtful gifts for parents and grandparents.

Dr. Chin’s notes: There are receptors on the cells that make bones, which have been shown to stimulate bone growth and formation. Animal studies show that a synthetic CB2 agonist rescues bone loss in animals who’ve had their ovaries removed. Also, people who have a genetic problem where their CB2 receptors aren’t working well are more likely to have menopausal osteoporosis. Integrating cannabinoids, such as CBD, to your daily health routine could well help your bone health. Additionally, CBD has antiviral and antibacterial properties, but its main virtue is that it decreases inflammation.  The common thread of all disease states is chronic inflammation. Diseases as diverse as Diabetes, low back pain, or migraines are all the result of some underlying inflammation. Reduce the inflammation, and very likely, you’ll reduce the symptoms of many illnesses.

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