Brittany Peltz Buerstedde Launches SENA Lifestyle Studio

by Eddie Roche

Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is sharing her impeccable taste with the world. She recently launched, SENA, a new luxury e-boutique for women, men and kids featuring brands such as Aaerin, Dannijo, vedaPure, and Taja Collection candles. Peltz Buerstedde tells The Daily how she’s evolved from a lifestyle-based interior designer to creating a platform with a little something for everyone. 

Tell us a little bit about your background and what led to SENA.
My background in fashion naturally lent itself to my love of fabric, design and color ways. After designing my home in the Hamptons where I could take my time and truly make choices that elevated the space and made it uniquely ours- I felt the full effect of how design can affect how we feel and live. Our home is clearly a family home with three little ones and we wanted spaces that they could explore and play freely in, while still being able to incorporate a sophisticated, traveled flair that spoke to our journey and adult lives.

What’s the concept behind SENA?
SENA’s philosophy is born out of the ethos that everything in life is a reflection of a choice you have made. Through my journey of uprooting my family out of our beloved home in NYC and moving down south, I realized how truly sacred one’s home is and the huge role It plays in providing not only shelter, warmth, and safety but space to breathe, dream, create and live the life you choose. Its not only about creating your home to look beautiful but also to feel beautiful – it is about holding space for your energy, your vibe – that feeling of walking in exhaling and knowing you are home.

Why is it called SENA?
When searching for a name, I wanted something that would be universal – a name that would speak to the worldly and layered aesthetic while also incorporating the spiritual aspect of my design. We searched and searched until the wee hours of the morning and nothing felt right – not quite unique enough to hold our identity. After scrolling through pages of my favorite coffee table books and through the endless search results of the internet – I finally turned to a note in my phone where I keep a list of baby names that I love – and that’s where I found ‘SENA’. Not only do I love the sound of SENA, which incorporates the graceful ‘a’ sound at the end of each my daughters names, but I love the meaning which originates from African, Arabic, Greek, and Hindi to mean: ‘the moon’, ‘this world’s beauty + grace’ and ‘bringing heaven to earth.’

What will be available on the e-boutique?
The e-boutique is like a little snapshot into my life as a lover of art + fashion, a spiritual being, wellness junkie, and mother of three. I wanted to create a boutique that spoke to my personal experience and lifestyle – and make way for a platform where people can shop and discover unique artisan made pieces. There are so many online stores out there, but none that incorporated all the facets that were important to me. I wanted a shop that was accessible to everyone – giving them access to the spirituality that I incorporate into my own home and the homes of our clients. I am very passionate about our beautiful handmade sage bundles, which is something I turn to regularly to clear out the old and bring in new light and energy. Some of my other favorite products range from the SEEDLYFE smoothies, made by my all-time favorite doula, Lori Bregman. She was there for the birth of my son, Phoenix Blu, and turned me on to her incredible supplements. Another favorite is our heishi necklaces that have become a signature staple that speaks to the marriage between fashion and spirituality. Our Hunting Season bags are heirloom pieces that can be worn day or night and stand the test of time with their classic silhouettes. Finally our SENA Collection hand woven Moroccan Rugs are absolutely stunning in texture and color, while bringing in that warmth and global aesthetic we strive for. Our boutique features our SENA collection rugs while also offering the ability to work with us on one of a kind custom pieces for your home as well.

The handcrafted sage is so beautiful.  
The sage bundles are and were so important to me from the start – they have become a mascot for SENA and stand for the spiritual element of our design. I love doing these for my own home and our clients so much that I wanted to make them accessible to everyone. Each one is handmade by a local artist who incorporates seasonal florals and natural elements in combination with our crystals that are hand-picked for their energetic and healing properties.

What else are some great gifts on the platform?
The Hunting Season lighters make a great housewarming gift or unique piece for the stylish men in your life. We also have our customizable Taja candles and name-sake necklaces. Both of these very special picks create a personal and meaningful gift. Lastly, our custom Lidia Pefaur necklaces can be made to incorporate the name of your son, daughter, or best friend written in diamonds and set in rose, yellow, or white gold.

What else do you have in the works?
I’m currently working on the launch of a few new special pieces for the boutique that I can’t wait to release in a few short months. I also can’t wait to share some of the design work we are doing at the moment.

How will you be decorating for the holidays this year?
This holiday was the most special holiday for us yet. With the world being a much quieter and more introverted version of itself, it gave me time to look inward and ask what I really wanted to bring in for this holiday season. Instead of going for the traditional holiday aesthetic, I wanted to incorporate all the things closest to my heart and bring in the highest vibrations. I worked with my incredible colleague, Angela Howard, in creating the most magical Christmas tree – adorned with rose + clear quartz, my absolute favorite crystals. I also wanted to incorporate florals that made the tree come to life on another level as if it were blooming in an enchanted fairy garden – an element inspired by my magical girls. The ornaments had to tie into our theme as well – which we did by sourcing empty vessels that my daughters, Eva + Lila, filled with floral and natural elements. Everything on the tree has a special meaning to me and my family – including the bougainvillea that fills my heart and soul with the same butterflies felt when Franz and I first met. I will always remember him loving these flowers that were the backdrop of many of my childhood memories and ultimately chosen by Franz as the spot for our cherished engagement photos.

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