Baptiste Monnet reveals the mindset on what it means to be better.

by The Daily Front Row

As a personal coach and entrepreneur from Switzerland, Baptiste Monnet has already accompanied people create their own business. When we want to offer our services, we think about being better or becoming better. But there is another approach and another meaning, as per Baptiste. We already know that Baptiste’s approach is person-centered, not revenue-centered. He has worked in the social field, in private security, and has also created several businesses where he was able to put his knowledge into practice.  Founder of Boost Mind and co-founder of BJ Positive Wear with his partner Billie-Joy Beytrison (Founder), Baptiste knew how to exploit his skills and dared to concoct his own cocktail. He emphasizes that the best way to tame fear is to try and it is worth it. “We have to realize that life is an opportunity. Each of us has our own story. Some chapters are more difficult than others. I think it is not just a coincidence that the most difficult chapter is the one that makes us grow. We become better if we face that reality. I am not talking about perfection, because human beings are not perfect. I will say that we must start by taking care of ourselves. Happiness is a combination of ingredients.  The recipe is your story. Cook like a chef. First of all, being better means what? Do you always have to be first? Do you always have to win? Do you always have to have the right product? Do you have to have the best customers? Be at the right time and place? If I tell you that it is not about that at all. Would you be willing to keep reading?

You need to ask yourself that question deep inside. I know it is not easy. But ask yourself seriously: how can I be better? Spontaneously, this question touches your attitude, your character, your qualities, your defects, your perception, your understanding, your beliefs, etc. If you are in full capacity, I am sure you can tell the difference between good and bad. This is already a progress to become better. This is the learning process of life. When you grow, it is about you and nobody else. I say it is all about you.

So, you make the choice to compete only with yourself. At that moment, you have to realize that to be better, it is not about being first, always wanting to win, having the best product, having the best customers, being at the right time and the right place. You have to understand that the external things are an illusion. But be careful, keep things in perspective. Everything is about you. You must learn about who you are, bring intention to solutions, try new things, get out of your comfort zone, accept who you are and be humble. It is a lot of things. Your soul is in your body. You are in control of your actions. You will notice that improvements will arise. Thus, you will become better. We are elements on the Earth. Each person should bring something good and I am sure we would become better. It is not life that makes us better, but being the best version of ourselves,” said Baptiste Monnet. Baptiste Monnet: Instagram Website: Boost Mind


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