As Per Raphael Gnn, Social Media Has Become Indispensable In 2021

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As the world is rapidly going digital, advertisers and marketers are revamping their strategies to penetrate the new-age digital market. Campaigns are no longer larger than life, beamed into homes just during prime time. Today, brands are becoming more intimate with consumers through well-thought-out content that is interactive. In this eco-system, there has risen, a new demand for expertise that could help brands build a strong presence online. Entrepreneur Raphael Gnn, is a social media marketing expert who is focusing his energies to meet this demand. His social media marketing agency incubator program, Ace up Media, is helping brands build their own social media agency to build successful online campaigns. He talks to us about Ace up Media, its success, and plans for the future.

What is SMMA incubator?
As online marketing taking precedence over traditional marketing, entrepreneurs are spending more on online campaigns. This has led to an increase in the talent pool. Today, we have a gig economy. Content writers, art directors, and digital strategists are dime a dozen. While this is a good thing for brands, it is very difficult to get them all to work together. Working with freelancers can be daunting. SMMA incubators aim to put a structure to this highly disorganized enterprise.

Do you have any formal training in social media marketing?
No. I picked up the ropes by myself. I started this business when I was 18. In the beginning, I had to do many odd jobs to generate revenue to bootstrap this project of building Ace up.

What has your experience been so far?
We have grown steadily over the years. We have generated over 2 million euros. Our current revenue is around 200 euros a month. Our team is steadily growing. We have a 12 member strong team.

Apart from training do you help brands with their social media marketing needs?
Yes, we have helped over 52 brands to build content and engage with their clients meaningfully, and scale up their market share in France.

What are your plans for the future?
My current focus is to have an international market. We are gaining traction in the international market. Many overseas prospects have shown interest in our offerings. They like the way we work and our professionalism. My goal is to make Ace up a global name.

What have you learned from your experiences so far?
I have learned that, if one is focused and determined, the goal is never too far away. I started very small, without any knowledge or training. Through observation and application, I’ve been able to build my company. This has been my learning.

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