Zevi G. Uses March Madness to Inspire One of His Most Significant Sports Sculptures to Date

by Thomas Herd

In today’s modern world, contemporary art can be displayed through a wide array of channels. This type of genre showcases popular culture and the events that shape it, giving people their personal lens of interpretation for cultural and social issues captured through various forms of art. Zevi G. is a contemporary artist who believes that art is a great way to engage and bring people closer together, fostering relationships through conversation and individual perspective on different types of art.
There are many parallels that can be drawn with art and sports, after all, sports is art in motion. The transcendent nature of the two are clearly visible, as they bring people together from various backgrounds, creating dialogue among people that otherwise may not have common ground. They are both tremendous unifiers, people can forget about all their problems and those of society, while engaging in stimulating conversation that is the source of happiness, smiles, laughs, as well as deeper conversations about the meaning of life and our existence.

In 2018, Zevi released a red resin six-foot baseball sculpture of a batter, during the Grand Slam Weekend in Washington DC, at the Oakley Pool Party. The success of this event lead Zevi to be inspired by NCAA’s March Madness, he then created one of his most significant pieces to date in the Sports Series, a 6-foot-tall basketball sculpture composed of steel and resin. Zevi is captivated by sports and the effect it has of bringing people together, he has created a separate world of sports in 456 Land that has many intriguing pieces, like the football and soccer sculptures.

Zevi likes to incorporate sports in his artwork because he believes that sports is a staple of American life, anywhere you go in the U.S., people can always bond over the topic of sports, or their favorite team. Like the famous saying goes, “Baseball is America’s pastime”, Zevi captures these sentiments and unifying elements of sports through his sculptures. The beauty of sports is that it is timeless, no matter what generation we are living in, no matter what is going on with the world, people from different walks of life can always find common ground when talking about art and sports. Zevi’s work conveys this message, no matter the polar backgrounds of different individuals, sports permeate love and connection that let people enhance the joy they feel when this topic surfaces.

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