Why Rob Sargsyan Is The Most Sought-After Makeup Artist In Los Angeles

by Amir Bakian

There’s one name that’s always mentioned as one of the top makeup artists in Los Angeles: Rob Sargsyan. This makeup master is sought-after by many celebrities and non-celebrities alike for his signature Rob-Glow look. He also dominates the wedding makeup industry in Los Angeles, is a regular at photoshoots, and is a go-to for some of the biggest stars. He even has his own cosmetics brand, FacesbyRob, which has become internationally popular. Rob has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram who admire him for his unparalleled skills in creating stunning makeup looks. Ashley Graham, Ashley Hinshaw, Kim Kardashian, and Rachel Roy are just a few of the big names included in his long and growing list of clients. Even internationally renowned brands like Dose of Colors, Guess, and Sephora choose him as their makeup artist for advertising campaigns. Rob Sargsyan has brought his exemplary skills to commercials, film promotions, international masterclasses, red carpet events, and runway shows. Even highly acclaimed TV shows like America’s Got Talent have noticed Rob’s talent, bringing him aboard to transform faces. He has also been featured in numerous wedding magazines as one of the most popular makeup artists for brides. Rob’s fame can be attributed to his impeccable approach to applying makeup. He never fails to complement and enhance the natural beauty of his clients. He always ensures to be very precise and uses unique and innovative techniques to impart that Rob-Glow look. By the time he’s done working on the clients, their faces are sure to look fresh and flawless.

He is also renowned internationally for the products he sells under his brand FacesbyRob. One of his most renowned releases is the Rob-Glow Book. It’s a makeup palette that includes five full-sized, multi-purpose cosmetic products. For instance, Rob-Glow Book’s Sunset bronzer and Drip highlighter can also be used as eye shadows, and work perfectly for both purposes. The bronzer provides semi-matte earth tones, while the highlighter gives a glossy finish. The Play lip liner can be used to define lips, line lashes, and enhance the water lines of the eyes. The Rob-Glow Book also comes with the Shy blush and Nude Nude lip gloss. In addition to the Rob-Glow Book palette, FacesbyRob is commended by many cosmetics enthusiasts for other products. His Nude Nude Lip Duo set includes the Play lip liner and Nude Nude lip gloss. Meanwhile, the Keeper Lip Duo set comes with semi-matte lip liner and lip crème in the perfect pink shade. Lastly, the Lover Lip Duo offers a deep shade of red for lips. All FacesbyRob products are guaranteed to last long on your skin and can keep you looking fresh all day. They boast rich pigments that offer versatility to different skin tones, from light, medium, to dark. Each is formulated without parabens, phthalates, gluten, talc, and mineral oil. With his remarkable skill in applying makeup and the impressive features of his products, it’s no wonder why Rob is one of the most popular makeup artists in Los Angeles. His signature Rob-Glow look is one that many can’t imitate, proving that his talents are one-of-a-kind.

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