Sven Platte on Helping People Transform Their Passions Into Lucrative Careers

by DN News Desk

Doing what you are passionate about is age-old advice but getting there is easier said than done. Successful entrepreneurship is all about making your passion profitable, and that takes a combination of talent, vision, and impeccable business sense. Entrepreneur Sven Platte understands this better than most. Initially, a dentist, Sven could no longer quiet the entrepreneurial spirit inside of him. Powered by passion, he built an incredibly lucrative career, and now he teaches others to do the same.

Coming from a partly South Korean family, hard work, honesty, and discipline were values he espoused from a young age. After keeping his promise to become a licensed dentist, Sven started branching out into eBooks which eventually led to the creation of Digistore24, a software-based business improving selling platforms. “​The first version of Digistore24 almost broke me,” states Sven. “It was non-functional, and I had invested all my money into it.” With no choice but to make it a success, Sven had to take a long hard look at where his passion was running unchecked. Now he is a tech CEO running a nine-figure business.

1​. Find your team
“​Sometimes, when we are so passionate about something, we think we have all the answers,” says Sven. “Usually we don’t, and it’s important to bring others onto your team who have functional expertise in areas we might be lacking in.”

2​. Functionality above all
“​Don’t get lost in the weeds of branding and image until you have a functional product or service people actually want,” explains Sven. “When you pour your energy into functionality, you are making your passion lucrative from the beginning by creating demand.”

3​. Accept failure as part of the process
“​Launching something you are truly passionate about will have its ups and downs,” says Sven. “If you fold with every failure, you are never giving your passion a chance to succeed and ultimately make it worth it financially. Work through the hurdles. They are a part of the process.” S​ven has built his entire life from his passion and has multiple companies to show for it. “Passion is so important, but it won’t pay the bills unless it is harnessed properly,” explains Sven. From working with the right people to working through setbacks, Sven shows others it is possible to make money from your passions with the right approach.

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