South Florida’s Vista Construction and Remodeling Provides Complete Hassle-free Home, Condo, and Commercial Remodeling

by Thomas Herd

Marred by the pandemic, the last almost two years have seen massive relocation of people from metropolitan areas to more pleasant and more remote places. One may even call it a new wave of US internal migration.   One in ten adults in the U.S. has moved; almost one-third of them named the risk of contracting coronavirus as the primary cause for relocation. Florida holds a special place among the most popular destinations and not solely as a haven from the virus. The sunshine state has seen a new influx of wealthy people moving to South Florida attracted by beaches and sunshine and, among other things, tax advantages. Wealthy people are coming from the Northeast, California, Chicago. The move gave a mighty boost to Florida’s real estate market and created unique business opportunities for those who stood prepared for that, as Miami was one of the few cities that remained open and attracted people able to work remotely.  The influx of new homeowners and renters has spurred demand for residential renovation and upgrades. It is challenging for those coming to live in a new place to choose a reliable contractor who would assume full responsibility for the entire scope of work, from design to turn-key completion. One such company that has been in the business since 2013 and provides a full scope of construction and remodeling services is Vista Construction and Remodeling. Vista’s team is capable of being your service provider without the need to go elsewhere from the pre-construction phase to final occupancy. Whether your property is a condo, a villa, commercial premises, it needs a complete rehaul from the ground up with partial or total demolition of the interior or just a few refreshing touches to account for the new owner’s taste, the Vista team does it all. The range of their services starts with giving a client a fair estimate, materials coordination, proceeds to bid for trade work, construction progress supervision and reporting to the client, getting all requisite licenses, permits, and approvals. In a nutshell, Vista provides an all-inclusive construction and remodeling service package. The permits part of the process is especially mind-boggling. The company takes care of the entire scope of regulatory work, be it a demolition permit, commercial and residential permits, renovation, interior alteration, expired permits extension, or obtaining a certificate of use. The paperwork is scary yet crucial, so it is a godsend to trust a company with the task. One can fully trust Vista Construction and Remodeling team in this respect, and customer reviews attest to that.  Among projects that Vista completed is a series of high-end commercial properties in the Miami Design District that were remodeled or renovated for the Luxury Living Group, Fendi Casa, the Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, the Baccara Home, Poltrona Frau, and Phil Collins’ mansion. Those are some of the most upscale projects in the Miami area. However, Villa d’Este is among the most grandiose projects Vista has accomplished. The project represents multi-stage construction and complete remodeling involving beach-front line planing, enormous interior remodeling with complete demolition, and designing and creating a luxurious interior from scratch. The result is a palatial villa complete with high-end amenities in the style of a sumptuous Mediterranian estate on the coveted Sunset Island with 156 feet of water frontage.  Vista team handles properties and projects of any size with equal care and attention to every step of the process, no matter the project’s scope and budget. A kitchen area renovation and upgrade, pool construction or rehaul, room additions, deck or patio, even a soccer field in the backyard, or some other exotic project —Vista Construction and Remodeling is up to the task.

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Fluix May 23, 2022 - 5:59 AM

To me Trussardi Casa looks more private and cozy than Villa d’Este, which is more of a hotel than private residence.


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