RawGear: This Athleisure Brand Aims to Make People Fitter During the Global Pandemic

by DN News Desk

On any given day in 2019, roughly a fifth of Americans would engage in sports or exercise activity. A couple of years earlier, the research found that more than half of Americans met exercise guidelines as set by medical authorities. While this did little to decrease the rate of obesity in the country, it managed to show that there was an almost palpable desire to become fitter. Then, the pandemic came. It was to be expected that it would cause some type of disruption to people’s fitness habits. Depending on the public health measures, the pressure or infection rates, and the risks working out carried, different segments of the population adapted their workout routines to their pandemic-affected lives differently.

At the very least, it’s safe to say that people who relied on gyms fared worse than those who didn’t. In all that mess, however, RawGear was a brand that tried to act as a beacon that reminded people of the light that’s waiting on the other side of the dark, pandemic-induced tunnel. It never stopped reminding people that they can get fit anytime, even during a global pandemic. For one, the athleisure brand never let the pandemic affect their business. If anyone would ask Bradley Martyn, the head of the brand, whether they’ve had to make any changes due to the pandemic, the answer would be a resounding “no.”

The brand already did a lot of their work online; they sell only online because it works best with the type of media the brand is present on. Speaking of media, the brand’s favorite types are Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and the like. RawGear never really stopped creating great content; it’s been one of the defining features of RawGear’s success. Martyn himself is a skilled content creator with a sizable following, and neither he nor his brand stopped what they were doing best. They kept calm and continued producing great content, setting the new standard. RawGear is still at it, too. The brand is making content in their gym, Zoo Culture. They are still bringing the athletes and influencers they work with to the gym, staging photoshoots, and other content creation projects. Keeping the gym open wasn’t easy, despite it being an essential business due to it being a content production facility, but Martyn has been fighting hard for it. So, as far as RawGear is concerned, the brand’s plan to minimize the disruption to their model held through the pandemic. As the country is slowly seeing the end of this terrible ordeal, it’s almost a given that RawGear will kick it up a notch to help people get into the best shape of their life.

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