Paris Fall 2014: Chanel

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(NEW YORK) Chanel
This isn’t Monoprix, darlings, this is what everyday shopping looks like, done the Chanel way! One thing is for sure, you can always count on Karl Lagerfeld‘s runways to be among the most elaborate and interesting each season, and Fall was no different. In the “Chanel Shopping Center”, models like Cara Delevingne, donning a holey bubble gum cashmere crop top and matching cashmere pants with an ‘80s style multi-colored classic Chanel tweed coat thrown over, perused the aisles of the faux supermarket after walking the walk in front of editors perched in the stands. That look came with tweed sneakers, in keeping with the Kaiser’s haute couture show. Sneakers topped off every look, some even done as knee-highs in the vein of wrestling sneakers. Also in keeping with Lagerfeld’s couture catwalk, there were corseted looks. But this time, instead of super cinched dresses, the corsets came on tweed blazers like a deep pink number worn by Ashleigh Good with an oversize overcoat and matching trou.

Other models, like Stella Tennant, carried Chanel-ified metal shopping baskets stocked with Chanel headphones and purses; Tennant wore hers with a teal and black tweed poncho coat and sparkly silver leggings. The look of the show was predominately ‘80s inspired in terms of proportions—and, naturally, youth-inspired, thanks to all the headphones, crop tops, metallic leggings, sneakers, and so on. In Karl’s fantasy, this is what it looks like when a modern Chanel lady goes to pick up a carton of milk. However, in his world, the grocery store come labeled with interlocking C’s and plays on various Chanel relics. To wit: The glam Rue Cambon lent inspiration to a “Jambon Cambon” ham. Lithe models went shopping for Chanel-branded groceries? Deliciously cheeky. Post-show, editors were invited to indulge by picking out their own gourmet groceries. It was one chic supermarché. There’s also a karmic twist to the whole spectacle: the goods that weren’t picked up by the show’s haute attendees will be donated to charity.

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