Will Nano Needling Replace the Luxury Facial?

by Ashley Baker

Always in haute pursuit of the next game-changing skincare treatment, your Daily has valiantly investigated the latest obsession of the eternally youthful: Nano Needling. As a a no-downside alternative to microneedling — which, BTW, we love — this procedure is essentially a facial on steroids, and it’s earning raves from the fashion and celebrity crowd for its ability to transform one’s skin the day or even evening before a major event. So we headed to the Upper East Side to Dr. Gerald Imber‘s famous Youth Corridor Clinic, where the new Plump and Go Facial Treatment is all the rage.

How does it work? First, the aesthetician (pro tip: book the jovial and knowledgable Mercedes) exfoliates the skin to prepare it for the tool. Using 160 Nano Needles, it creates fine, shallow punctures in the skin, resulting in many more channels for the Hyaluronic Acid to fully penetrate the epidermis. Overall sensation is very pleasurable; it kind of feels like someone is brushing your face with an electric toothbrush. I may have even meditated? After a quick polish, you’re good to go in under an hour—with the kind of incredibly hydrated, plumped skin that, sorry to say, we have never achieved through a mere facial alone. In short? Nano Needling is an ideal, non-invasive way to ensure that you’re putting your best face forward for fashion week, the Met Gala, a birthday party, or a fabulous night out on the town.

$750, call 646-449-8000 to schedule.

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