Moshé Partouche is the Versatile Film and Nightlife Impresario

by Thomas Herd

Moshé Partouche is the international nightlife and film virtuoso that has been making headlines recently. Moshé is responsible for bringing the glamorous and exciting Circoloco to Israel, a famous underground musical festival that has been taking place on the fabled island of Ibiza since 1999. The event is a huge hit internationally, as it caters to some of the biggest electronic music enthusiasts in the world. It has world-class DJs like Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers, Tania Vuclano, Jackmaster, and many more. Moshé wanted to bring this this iconic and thrilling event to Israel to captivate music lovers to get together on a grand stage. Moshe also hosts some of the most exclusive and popular nightclubs in Israel, making him a popular name on the rise in entertainment.

Moshé is also the founder of the Moyo Brother’s label, the label is involved in producing films about famous legends in various industries.The Vif, which is a documentary about the life’s work of notorious fashion designer Christian Audigier. Moshé displayed his incredible talent as an executive producer in this documentary, evidenced by the numerous accolades the documentary received by a multitude of film festivals. It was the winner of the Mexico International Film Festival in 2018, winner of the Best Feature Documentary of the Brazil International Film Festival in 2018, winner of Best Documentary of the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018, among many others. Moshé’s affinity for documentaries isn’t solely limited to famous fashion designers, but Hollywood icons as well.

The Moyo Brothers label is also involved in music production, you can find them on Ibiza Global Radio, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Moshé was the executive producer of a documentary about the famous actor, Michael Madsen. The documentary was called American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective. The documentary chronicles the life and career of Madsen. Moshé is now looking to parlay his success in cinema into bigger roles, he hopes to someday be a director, as he continues his role as an executive producer in his new upcoming films. With such a diverse background, Moshé is certain to become the next nightlife impresario and continue to build his resume for major Hollywood productions. He is looking to continue this impressive career trajectory, emphasizing the importance of hard work, unwavering commitment to his craft, and unfaltering belief in himself. Moshé Partouche is a name to watch in the entertainment and nightlife industry for years to come.

To learn more about Moshé Partouche, please check out his Instagram @moshe_tlv

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