Minnetonka x Mother Collab

by The Daily

It’s Mother’s Day! Minnetonka and MOTHER, the cult denim brand, just released their attempt at merging modernity with the spirit of the 70’s. “We liked the idea of mixing handmade 70’s designs with an authentic heritage shoe brand. The colorful embroidery was inspired by handmade stitching that you might find on a lost sweater or jacket in your mother’s closet,” creative director and co-founder Tim Kaeding explains. “The metallic designs are a celestial take on glam rock reminiscent of the glory days of NYC Max’s Kansas City.” 

For this collab, MOTHER, created the Lovin’ Moc and the Cosmic Moc by adding flamboyant embroidering to Minnetonka’s high-quality moccasins. The shoes, ranging from $95 to $110, juxtapose the old with the new.  



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