Meet Tara Electra and Nicky Gathrite, The Social Media and Digital Marketing Mavens Behind Unruly Agency

by Thomas Herd

In a social media world oversaturated with aesthetic repetition, a change needed to be made in order for content creators to reach a new level and stand out amongst their peers. Enter Tara Electra and Nicky Gathrite, digital marketing pioneers, who saw a gap in the industry and understood that influencers lacked elite leadership, guidance, and effective management to leverage their skill-sets, elevate their platforms, and turn their talent into financial gain. Tara and Nicky – who have mastered the art of marketing and talent development – took action and created Unruly Agency, home to elite models and social media personalities around the world who have soared to incredible heights under Tara and Nicky’s expert direction.

Unruly Agency is at the forefront of the marketing revolution, and has allowed influencers to establish their own personal brand identities, rather than being swayed to stray from their authenticity and portray a false sense of self online. Unruly is giving influencers back their power and allowing them to break free from having to rely on brands that do not represent them or what they believe in. The team at Unruly, led by Tara and Nicky, also ensure that their models are paid fairly and make the profit that they deserve based on their social media following. Known as the “King and Queen of Social Media,” Tara and Nicky are providing opportunities to influencers that never existed prior to the establishment of Unruly. The dynamic duo, who are both experts in the marketing industry and extremely savvy business professionals, utilize their unique backgrounds and experience to change the game for their clients. Nicky started his career in finance, but with his creative mind, he was always destined for more. As a financial professional and with experience in the entertainment sector, he learned everything he could about marketing to step into an entrepreneurial role heading Unruly. Tara, on the other hand, started her career by founding Electric Mind, an influencer marketing agency, and she went on to work at Insomniac and developed their first-ever influencer campaign for EDC. Recognized as a master at crafting social media campaigns and turning profit for companies, the natural profession in Tara’s journey was to establish something as revolutionary as Unruly Agency.

Both Nicky and Tara knew that they wanted to do more than their competitors when it came to influencers and marketing, and they wanted to reestablish trust between influencers and management by delivering tangible and unparalleled results. So many companies offer false promises to content creators about social growth and financial gain, and Tara and Nicky knew that their extensive backgrounds and business experiences could – and would – give influencers everything they always desired, but never knew where to turn to obtain it. Truly experts in their fields, Tara and Nicky have emerged as the top social media marketers, and have signed the most premiere talent to Unruly Agency, including the likes of Tana Mongeau, Charly Jordan,Daisy Keech, Lexy Panterra, Sierra Skye, Kinsey Wolanski,Stefanie Gurzanski, Sara Underwood, and more.  Offering many more services than your typical marketing agency, there is nothing Unruly can’t achieve for their clientele. The agency specializes in social media management, influencer marketing, content creation, and much more, and by developing strong and steadfast relationships with their talent based on trust and results, Unruly reigns supreme and has become the most highly sought-after destination for social media stars to build their brands. The leaders, Nicky and Tara, help their models to create campaigns that will be profitable, drive traffic in a way that no one could get on their own, and help brands and talent convert higher across all social media platforms. Nicky and Tara understood early on that the marketing world was going to go through changes, and that influencers would become the forefront of marketing. Through their talent-first perspective, Tara and Nicky are single-handedly spearheading a revolution.

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