Knowledge Is An Asset That Must Be Shared with All Your Heart-Matt Andrews

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People who are genuinely inspirational love sharing knowledge with others, and this passion shows. Matt Andrews is more than an entrepreneur; he is a husband, father, author, speaker, and educator. He does not take any of these titles lightly. In fact, he works hard to be worthy of each title. 

One of the things Matt takes great pride in is the communities he has built. By sharing his knowledge with others through unique education, he helps businesses succeed in one of the most challenging economic climates in decades. Matt values service and offering people the chance to help themselves and others. He takes delight in this being how he provides for his family.

While Matt does describe himself as a serial entrepreneur, he also wants to be perceived as a collaborator. He actively seeks opportunities, and when he finds them, Matt has a knack for putting together the optimal team to get the job done. He then helps these like-minded individuals make valuable connections to help them scale their businesses. Matt credits his success to a straightforward technique: he invests in people.

The core of Matt’s empire is real estate. He began flipping houses straight out of college and admits he was very fortunate in this venture. When the Great Recession of 2008 hit, Matt found tremendous success thanks to the numerous rental properties he had acquired. He started a YouTube channel of “how-to” videos portraying the projects involved in flipping a house. As these videos engagedly shared information, the channel attracted students and buyers.

Matt’s talent for connecting people led him to create the Family Mastermind. It is a group of independent real estate firms that pool together connections and resources to boost each other’s success. The group started with 50 members and has grown to 85. While the pandemic decimated the global economy, the members of this group enjoyed 2020 being a record-breaking year.

This real estate authority has shifted his focus to investing in new business ventures. He is an early-stage investor in seed-stage companies like ViewStub, WebTalk, and ToolBox OS. Being involved with startups allows Matt to share his knowledge and expertise with fledgling entrepreneurs, something that he not only truly loves but feels like it is a calling. In this sense, Matt is more than an entrepreneur and collaborator. He is a steward.

Sharing knowledge is part of Matt’s overall plan to make a positive impact on the world. He sees people as a better investment than products and values relationships over profits. Instead of an “every man for himself” mentality, Matt believes in welcoming all participants to the table. He feels that a competitive mindset interferes with the thought process, damaging both a person and their business.

Matt has an invaluable tool in the business world: a moral compass. A damaging mentality can lead a person and their organization down a detrimental road. With his desire for sharing information equally, Matt prefers to take the high road not just professionally but in all aspects of his life. 

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