Marco Laterza on the Importance of Physical and Mental Health Experts in the Corporate World

by Thomas Herd

In the last year, corporations all over the world saw the importance of health, both mental and physical, as the pandemic undoubtedly tested the best of us. As many were confined to their homes and with minimal social interaction, physical and mental health was at risk for countless working individuals. But one up-and-coming personal trainer and corporate health coach has been making waves as the impact of his work has been invaluable for his clientele. Introducing 21-time fitness magazine cover model Marco Laterza As someone who once lived and breathed the corporate lifestyle, working as a banker in wealth management, Laterza knows the challenges that come with a committed corporate career lifestyle. And with so many individuals eager to get back into shape and find a healthy balance between work life and both physical and mental health, Laterza has been instrumental in helping employees design effective programs that benefit them both mentally and physically. Thanks to the pandemic, now more than ever, major corporations are completely restructuring their human resources departments and changing the way they interact with employees to foster and facilitate a well-rounded, healthy work environment. With his experience in the corporate world and now fitness and health, he looks forward to continuing to educate and help employees improve health, productivity, and performance.

Whether working from home or in-person in a building or office, Laterza’s programs are completely customizable to fit each corporation and employee. What he’s managed to do with his mental health expertise has also been different and more effective than what most companies offer. While many corporate human resources departments offer education on mental health, Laterza is sure to help employees enforce the practices of living healthy from a mental health perspective. On the physical health side, Laterza is unrivaled, having gained a world of experience as a fitness enthusiast and model with covers on Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health magazine, and Muscle and Performance. His love for fitness and athleticism began at a young age as he was once a dedicated and competitive gymnast until he suffered a career-ending knee injury when he was 16 years old. With the capability of catering to clients one on one, he is additionally well-versed in speaking to larger audiences by addressing companies as a whole. As the trend of major corporations implementing new fitness and mental health resources becomes the new normal, the professional world is likely to see the likes of Marco Laterza in the role of a corporate health expert, offering employees support for their physical and mental health needs.

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