Lynn Yaeger On Daunting Run-Ins

by The Daily Front Row

Guess what we found hiding in our archives?little tête-à-tête with the Yaegermeister about the woman who flabbergasts her time and time again. It’s okay, love. It happens to the best of us.

Who intimidates you?
Patti Smith, who I idolize and see out every once in a while. Everything I think to say is idiotic, so I just stare. 

Were you a fan before Just Kids?

I’ve been a fan forever. But I have to say because I’m a writer I’m always resentful. When I heard she was writing a book, I thought, ‘Oh yeah, b**ch, you think you can write a book? Let’s see your book!” But the book was incredible, and she’s amazing, obviously. 

Why haven’t you written a book yet?

Mr. Mickey [Boardman] was just asking me about that in the car! I want to, but I’m not very ambitious. 

What would your book be about? Fashion?

No way! It would be about me…me and all my adventures!

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