Little Black Book! Where To Pamper Yourself In NYC This Holiday Season

by Freya Drohan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—but that doesn’t mean the holidays don’t take a toll on your body in the process. One thing you can do, at least, is offset the stress and hustle by carving out some time for yourself. From the age-defying facials and magical massages to the more niche services available behind closed doors, here’s your guide to some of the city’s most reliable TLC treatments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at Aristocratic Plastic Surgery

As one of the country’s top 10 plastic surgeons, Dr. Kevin Tehrani might be on speed dial for Upper East Siders, but just about anyone can partake (and delight) in a 40-minute session that promises to bestow anti-aging benefits, including cellular repair, increased circulation, and a boost in collagen. Say hello to the igloo-like Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, in which you can sit and unwind with a book (or just your thoughts!) and forget that you’re really in the middle of a bustling metropolis. With a focus on healing, the experience allows you to breathe in 100% pure oxygen at an increased atmospheric pressure, ramping up the oxygen concentration in your body by up to 1200%, which helps to facilitate infection fighting and cellular repair. In other words: an effortless way to tackle sagging skin, age spots, wrinkles, and skin cell damage. All while you literally sit there and relax. Book your session here.


Biologique Recherche facial, Paul Labrecque at CORE Club

Treat your visage to the godly powers of P50 and Biologique Recherche’s other cult-favorite products, while also getting a sneak peek at Midtown Manhattan’s plush private social club du jour, CORE: Club. Have an event coming up? The ICE Facial is the gold standard for making you look like you snuck in a long weekend vacay amid the madness—ergo, no one has to know how tired you really are during this hectic season! Treatment menu here.

Microneedling with IDEO at Shen

Did you know Pioneering clean beauty mecca Shen also has an impressive offering of services, ranging from microblading to microneedling? For the latter, the boutique and its in-house experts have partnered with IDEO on the two-hour facial, a skincare brand which is addressing skin health through breakthrough neurological research, making it the perfect addition to the treatment thanks to its ability to tackle discoloration, unevenness, and many other complexion complaints. Word to the wise, don’t book your microneedling session the day before a big event like I did—you’re going to ideally want a few makeup-free days after the service. Alas, it’s the perfect excuse to bow out of any less than desirable commitments over the next month, only to emerge like the glowing, Disney Princess version of yourself. Book here.


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Highline Wellness x Chillhouse manis

Further putting the ~ cHiLl ~ in Chillhouse, Instagram’s favorite CBD brand Highline Wellness has teamed up with the NYC-based self-care destination. The partnership, which runs until January 15, will see CBD-infused drinks at Chillhouse’s beverage bar (think: Matcha, Yuzu juice, and berry teas infused with flavored CBD oil) and a new custom Hi Line manicure inspired by the company’s two tone blue-hued branding. Guests will also get a complimentary package of CBD Night Gummies (and take it from someone who’s been a human stress ball since Fashion Week, these things are legit. Zzzzz!!) Book here.


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Flex your facial muscles at Face Gym

Want to put your best face forward despite a full calendar of draining holiday events? Consider Face Gym your cheat sheet to looking sculpted and snatched in a jiffy. A favorite of supermodels, celebrities, editors, and just about every in-the-know beauty aficionado, the non-invasive treatment menu brings together everything from glow-boosting Cryo facials to bootcamp sessions that’ll chisel your cheekbones with a micro-current device quicker than you can say, ‘Drop and gimme 20.’ Book, and see what all the fuss is about, here.


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Get Stretch*d

Whether you’re active or sedentary, chances are you need a good and thorough stretch. With our busy schedules, New Yorkers tend to neglect taking a minute to properly tend to their maxed out muscles. Enter: Stretch*d, with multiple locations around the city, which aims to obliterate your stress knots and tension tightness with expert hands-on manual stretching, customized to each client. Each location also has Body Roll*r machines which make acupressure massage and lymphatic drainage a doozy by using rotating infrared heated rollers. Time to get loose! Book here.

The Spa at Equinox Hotel

When was the last time you checked in with your body? Chances are, the old girl needs a little TLC. Allow us to point you in the direction of The Spa at Equinox Hotel menu’s Bodywork section. Just like the brand’s elevated approach to fitness, the spa ethos is similarly focused on high performance and optimizing results. Customize your massage session with hot or cold stones, CBD, reflexology, or a HyperVolt device (oh my!) and get ready to walk into the holidays feeling brand new. Plus! Equinox Spa is offering a 10%  discounts on gift cards in the amounts of $100, $500, $1,000, and $2,500. Book here.


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