Ju Poppin Shares How To Rod Set Natural Hair

by Amir Bakian

Hair enthusiasts know that there are many ways to achieve perfect spirals and bouncy curls, but nothing can top the rod set. It can be done regardless of the texture of the hair and doesn’t expose it to intense and prolonged heat to do the job. To rod set natural hair there are hair styling products that aid in achieving the desired curls better and make them last longer. The Ju Poppin foaming lotion is one styling product that can make this happen. It can be ordered online from the official website of Ju Poppin. It is perfect for defining your natural curl pattern,it’s a must have for fingercoils. Perfect for your rodsets,giving you the right amount of hold and shine. However, without the proper technique, the perm rod and the foaming lotion will not be able to achieve defined curls. Ju Poppin is here to guide people on how to rod set natural hair the right way through helpful videos on their YouTube channel.

Before starting the process, the hair must first be cleansed with Jupoppin moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This is the first step in preparing the hair for the rod set. The hair can be dry or wet when applying the rods. Blow drying it after cleansing speeds up your drying time and gives you looser curls. Determining the goal beforehand is vital to the process as it will serve as a guide throughout the process. It will decide which direction you place your rods and the size that will be used. Gillian Garcia, the owner of Ju Poppin, starts by applying the foaming lotion and spreading it using a comb to reach each strand. She then encases the ends of the hair with endpaper to provide a smooth finish. Apply tension to the hair when applying to the rods,neat secure rods will give you a smooth clean finish. Rod size depends on the desired style and length of hair. Longer hair requires bigger rods while shorter hair needs smaller rods.  Quick tip,looser curls = bigger rods, tighter curls= smaller rods You have to let the hair dry completely before proceeding to the next step.Always remove the hair counter clockwise from rods. While separating each lock gently, Gillian recommends applying the Ju Poppin Vitamin E oil to add shine and prevent getting frizzy hair. Vitamin E oil from Ju Poppin promotes hair health since it doesn’t contain alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum, or preservatives, it is natural and safe to use. Now, you’ll totally be in love with your new rod set and bouncy defined curls.

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