Is It The End of The Birkin Bag?

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Jane Birkin, British model and singer, and the muse for Hermès’ top-selling Birkin bag, wants little to do with the classic luxury item. After reading a brief by PETA about crocodile abuse, Birkin has requested that her name be removed from the bag, according to a statement from the animal rights organization. The exposé highlighted crocodile and alligator farming and slaughter by Hermès tannery’s suppliers (think Saw-like horror scenes).

“Having been alerted to the cruel practices endured by crocodiles during their slaughter for the production of Hermès bags carrying my name … I have asked Hermès Group to rename the Birkin until better practices responding to international norms can be implemented for the production of this bag,” Birkin said.

The investigation focused on an alligator farm in Texas and a crocodile facility in Zimbabwe, both suppliers of skins to Hermès tanneries. Hermès hasn’t responded to Birkin’s requests yet. Want more details about the croc scandal? Find the exposé here … but be warned, it’s not pretty!

Kristen Heinzinger is the Senior Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer.

1 Comment

  1. Joyce

    July 30, 2015 at 3:42 PM

    Praise to Ms. Birkin for being so brave! And thanks to PETA for exposing how cruel fashion can be when dealing with animals.

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