Importance of technology in Brazilan Legal system- By Joilson Melo

by Amir Bakian

In a little amount of time, the legal profession has undergone a radical transformation. Legal technology applies information technology, processes, and procedures to law firms, to increase efficiency and effectiveness. It can be used for various tasks, from email management to the client intake process. Technology has been one of the greatest gifts for the legal system. Legal technology is the next great innovation in the law, and it’s coming quickly. This is a new area of law practice, now practical because of advances in software and big data and changing cultural expectations about information sharing. The technologies in the law sector have been beneficial for lawyers. Lawyers like Joilson Junior de Melo from Brazil, who have been related to technologies from a young age, have continuously stressed the importance of legal technologies. Joilson Junior de Melo is a 32-year-old Brazilian law student. As a young child, Joilson developed an interest in technology. When Joilson Jrr got his first computer, his desire to achieve new things and learn more about technology evolved quickly. He learned to code and started building programs in languages such as Delphi, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and PHP. By the time Joilson was 14 years old, he had earned a few dollars through selling Google AdSense ads. Joilson has always believed that the technologies appropriately used in the legal sector can always be an asset for the industry. Some of the areas where technology can play a considerable role is :

The research becomes easy: The time required for research work can be reduced as lawyers need not scan the new version of law books every week to keep themselves updated. Joilson believes that they can revise the regulations to fit in with their clients’ courts during the trial. Though this method would seem a little annoying for some, it does save up a lot of time considering there is no need to search for every information in different places.

Fewer errors in the work:  Joilson has experienced that the introduction of technological solutions significantly reduces the risk of errors that can be induced by overlooking or misinterpretation of any facts and figures, resulting in a drastic change in the judgment. There is less room for such errors when digital systems are used. This will make a difference in many people’s lives by releasing them from lengthy processes that require their presence physically.

Better experience for the clients: Many law firms are delivering convoluted legal services to garner more customers. They unnecessarily complicate the most basic services. Clients are discouraged by the opaque technicalities of the complicated legal language. Joilson believes that better management solutions should be applied for improving productivity and increasing profits. The legal practice management software systems should be made available at cost-effective prices.

Convenient Applications: Joilson has experienced that Legal-based mobile applications and software provide immediate access to sophisticated legal services for common users. The softwares are vital to keeping attorneys and clients informed on the latest changes regarding work progress, remaining budgets, and other aspects that influence the ongoing legal proceedings. On the other side, this software can provide lawyers with an opportunity to maintain communication with other attorneys.

Conclusion : The Brazilian legal system has been using Artificial Intelligence(AI) to make the system transparent and easy to understand. They have included three AI tools.  Named VICTOR, the AI tool is the culmination of a multi-year initiative by the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil. It’s designed to streamline legal processes, and it’s already being used by judges to sort through thousands of cases. The Superior Court of Justice in Brazil is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to process cases more quickly. This platform has been named SOCRATES to group instances of the same type.  The Federal Appeals Court for the 3rd Region (TRF3) has introduced SIGMA, an AI program, to be used in their PJe system in 2020. It helps in preparing reports.  Joilson believes that artificial intelligence will be an essential factor to consider in legal technology, though there are still some challenges that need to be considered and this will make the legal system better.

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