Iconic Publicist Turned Fashion & Beauty Mogul, Eboyné Jackson, to Launch Highly Anticipated Birthday Collection on January 7th

by Tom White
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She is not only hailed as the pivot master, for her hands in operating several successful businesses, but she is also known as one of the most stylish publicists around. Amassing millions of impressions for her celebrity clientele across the globe, Publicist, Eboyné Jackson, lives up to the name ‘Powerhouse.’ When the creative visionary is not busy at work organically creating headlines for her clients in the press, she is busy shapeshifting various lanes from fashion, to beauty, and television. The Daily Front Row had a chance to catch up with the iconic business woman to discuss her foray in Public Relations, her growing empire, and her highly anticipated new fashion drop.

You are not only one of the most sought after publicists in the industry right now, but you are also one the most stylish as well. Your looks are always Instagram worthy! (Laughs) What inspires your fashion sense?

Thank you for the compliment! Early on in my journalism career – I used to write for Huffington Post Black Voices, and cover and attend New York Fashion Week shows, and the Daily Front Row was always my staple and source of inspiration as I was going from show to show, so it’s so humbling to be interviewing with you right now. Surreal, even. So I will definitely say that the Daily Front Row was one of my fashion inspirations early on. I also get a lot of my fashion inspirations from certain trends I see on social media and outside of that, honestly, I really just like mixing high end with low end. I wear what speaks to me but I don’t want to look like everyone else; so I will take certain trends that I see that I like and mix it up and make it my own. My style philosophy is always “stand out, never blend.” A lot of the pieces I wear are actually from my aspirational/lifestyle fashion brand, Luxe on 7th.

Fascinating. How did you get your start in Public Relations?

I got my start in Public Relations really by a referral. A friend of mine at the time had asked me to do Public Relations for “The Celebrities for Charity Fashion Show” featuring Jazmine Sullivan. I remember telling my friend at the time that I was a journalist and had no experience in Public Relations. My friend convinced me to do it. She was like, ‘You are so resourceful. You are a good writer and I know you can do it.’ I was familiar with press releases and somewhat had an idea as to what Publicists did, so I went for it. The event was a huge success– over 30 media outlets lined the red carpet and I worked the carpet like I had been doing it for years. I knew then that I was on to something. That event was in 2011 and now here I am, 12 years later, operating my PR firm, Divine Influence PR. I have worked on campaigns with talent that I used to watch from my TV screen like Lori Harvey, Lance Gross, Yung Joc, Kendra Robinson, and Hurricane Chris…Only God can do that!

You mentioned your fashion brand, Luxe on 7th. How do you balance it all–being a Publicist and having your own brands?

God. (Laughs) Honestly, it’s all Him. My day to day is extremely busy so I start my day off with Him in prayer and meditate. That’s what helps me balance it all– to find peace, direction, and a sense of calm even in the midst of the beautiful chaos. I do the majority of my Public Relations work during the day, and at night I transition into my passion projects which is Luxe on 7th of course, and my hair brand, Eboyné Royale, and my new beauty brand, On Luxe Beauty. I have a routine–Orders are shipped on Wednesdays and Fridays and I stay on task with my brand sales/projections and develop new product concepts quarterly. This helps me stay on top of my brands, and during the day, I implement press plans for my clients and execute them. I do all of my Public Relations tasks required to secure short and long lead press for my clients by day. My day to day is full of meetings, email and telephone correspondence, strategizing, and lots of research. I love it here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Laughs)

Your brand, Luxe on 7th, is so innovative. I love that your brand offers a luxury aesthetic without luxury prices. Tell us about it, and your new Birthday Collection dropping on January 7th.

I have always had an affinity for fashion, so I created Luxe on 7th to demonstrate timeless, classy, and effortless fashion, inclusive for ALL. Being fierce, fabulous and covered is the NEW Sexy! At Luxe on 7th our motto is: “Stand out. Never blend.” Going into the New Year on January 7th, I will be launching my highly anticipated, “40 Years of Luxe” Birthday Collection, which will be a really timeless collection with intricate pieces ranging from jumpsuits, dresses, sets, fitness, and tops. This collection is going to be one of my biggest to date. I worked really hard on it. Like you said, Luxe on 7th is all about offering our consumers a luxury aesthetic without luxury prices. Our pieces typically range as low as $25.99 and up, and the Birthday Collection will start in the $35.99 range and go up. All of the pieces are so gorgeous and so dreamy…From the art deco jumpsuits, to the denim skirt set, and our uber soft, work out comfort sets, and bedazzling tops, this collection transitions from the boardroom to the gym, to date night and everyday so well.

Exciting, definitely looking forward to your Birthday Collection dropping on January 7th! I know you also mentioned that you have a hair brand and a cosmetics brand, is that right?

Yes, I do. Eboyné Royale is a global luxe lifestyle hair company that sells the most luxurious virgin and raw hair. Wherever I go, people will say: ‘I love your hair!’ All of the hair I wear is from Eboyné Royale. The hair is incredible and lasts up to 2-3 years or more with proper maintenance and care. So many celebrities love Eboyné Royale, especially our Iconic Collection Lashes. Latto, Sherri Shepherd, Kendra Robinson and more sport the brand. My new beauty brand, On Luxe Beauty serves as a reminder that you are more beautiful than your mistakes, and more powerful than your past! As women, we deserve to be in environments that bring out the softness in us, not the survival in us! It’s been a 4 year journey curating and testing out products, and I’m beyond overjoyed to share with the world the most luxurious beauty products that I’m absolutely in love with! As women, we typically never look like what we’ve been through. On Luxe Beauty is a testament that you can handle everything life throws at you, and still come out on top BEAUTIFULLY STRONG! Each product is an open invitation for every woman to unlock their superpower of strength! The first drop consists of our Ultra Hydrating Lip Gloss which is literally the ‘Perfect Nude,’ our 24 Carat Gold Highlighter, our Luxury Everyday Eyeshadow Palette and our Brown Sugar Lip Liner.

So impressive. You are definitely proof that someone can successfully pivot in multiple industries all at once. Is there anything else that we can expect from you?

I recently launched my digital faith-based show, Challenge to Change. It’s full of inspiration and talks about navigating life’s challenges and coming out stronger on the other side. I am really excited about that, check it out on Youtube. I am also in the progress of expanding all of my brands. I can’t disclose all of the details just yet, but it will be really big. I have never been one big on making announcements, I like to just do it as God leads me, and pop out with the results; so stay tuned!

Keep Up with Eboyné: @iameboyne @divineinfluencepr @onluxebeautyco @luxeon7th @eboyeroyale

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