How WIDE Network is Giving Creators Financial Freedom In a Safe Atmosphere

by Fawn Damara Robson

As a content creator in the digital realm the world is your oyster when you create with WIDE.

WIDE is a hand picked garden of content creators specializing in everything from lifestyle, creativity, recreation and education. Fostered by a team full of creatives that offer the support of their A-list network. This premier lifestyle platform is dedicated to providing a safe, stigma free, and lucrative environment to grow your brands limitless potential.

The team has chosen an application process for an exclusive creator roster to benefit content strategy and digital marketing. Whereas competing platforms have no standard, management or moderation at all. That being said, this is more than just your average monetization platform.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have served as the standard gateway to building one’s audience; but have diminished creators growth, engagement, and monetization with constant changes to the algorithms. This has pushed creators to direct followers from their social media pages to platforms that offer paywall service. Unlike other platforms WIDE offers a space with no monetary caps.

Creators of all creeds may see limitless profit instantly from posting tutorials, artistry, musicians latest record, fitness, lifestyle blogging or a behind scenes look an artists process or daily life. Content creators will have a vastly diverse way of connecting with their audiences via live ticketed events, live streams and monetized A La Carte subscription menus for subscribers to purchase time or content. Creators will no longer be creating for free or waiting on advertising for others, music recording, behind the scenes look at an artists, putting the power back into the content creator’s hands.

Building relationships with your audience, potential agencies, stakeholders and formulating new content can be time consuming – this is no longer an issue when you create with WIDE. One of the biggest issues creators face is finding new angles to promote their brand and create new work. What sets this platform apart from others is its in-house A-list network and digital marketing know-how that connects you with new opportunities and ideas. WIDE will be consistently working to place you with brands, photographers, videographers, locations and agencies geared towards your specific talents. The platform’s algorithm and one-on-one management makes it easy for your specific audience to connect with you. The team also simultaneously builds the framework of what your audience wants to see. Data analysis works to curate optimal scheduled posts that members may find on the discovery page to boost your engagement.

Raising the bar in customer service means offering 24/7 support, security and creators can be rest assured their valuable content will be protected and never leaked beyond paid subscribers. Under this umbrella of guidance your brand and relationships with your audience will become stronger than ever, and allow you more free time to focus on your passion.

Every creator should have ownership over the work they produce.

Let your imagination run wild and brand flourish with WIDE.

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