How the U.K.’s Brazilian Booty Lift Creates Opportunity and Support for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

by Thomas Herd

Today, thanks to the advancements in technology, perfecting one’s body no longer requires invasive surgery. Instead, many women, and sometimes men, now opt for body contouring services that are performed by way of a machine that stimulates fat cells, causing them to change in the permeability of the cell membrane which in turn breaks down the fat cells. As a result, thousands of women who might not have been inclined to undergo surgery to achieve their dream body, now have a new, easier alternative. And with the recent uptick in popularity of body shaping and contouring treatments, one up-and-coming company is transforming the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to launch their very own body contouring business. Introducing Brazilian Booty Lift.

Led by CEO and Founder Chantelle Thompson, Brazilian Booty Lift has been responsible for helping entrepreneurs launch successful BBL businesses that have potential to yield more than £10K a month, working only five hours a day, five days a week. With a passion for sharing the ingenuity of this life changing, non-invasive alternative to surgery, Brazilian Booty Lift is well-equipped in providing all the necessary tools to help entrepreneurs launch their very own BBL business. While they supply the actual machines for the treatments, Thompson takes her business model a step further by offering the clientele a detailed business plan, a 12-month revenue forecast, budget services, as well as training on how to effectively use the devices. By way of online and group training, Brazilian Booty Lift helps position their clientele for success not just at the start, but well into their business journey, providing support every step of the way. With the highest standards for training and education, Brazilian Booty Lift is invested in their customers even beyond the point of sales. As an advocate for this safe, effective treatment, they look forward to sharing success and empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs so that they can create a living for themselves.

And as the landscape for body treatments has irrevocably changed for the better thanks to this new technology, so too have the trends in body goals. These days, many women aspire to look curvier, reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and sculpt curves. With BBL, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to break into a business that is not only in demand but lucrative due to its popularity. As leaders in the non-surgical industry, Brazilian Booty Lift has been instrumental in helping businesses achieve success in the six to seven figure range. Moreover, the long-term success of their clientele is what matters most to Brazilian Booty Lift as they revel in the opportunity to facilitate success in up-and-coming entrepreneurs. To learn more about Brazilian Booty Lift, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Written by: Magdalena Munao
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