How Cosval Groups’ Locherber Milano is Redefining Luxury Home Fragrance with Design

by Thomas Herd

To know luxury is to understand the lifestyle. Some get it, while others simply do not. But for those who do, when you think about luxury fragrance, often a place or time might come to mind. Perhaps the scent of a high-end luxury hotel lobby or the perfume that lingers in the air of a designer boutique. And while many luxury fragrances are made by conglomerate luxury goods companies, one up-and-coming Italian home fragrance company is changing the olfactory experience for consumers by offering a product that is not only a fragrance but a design piece as well. Introducing Locherber Milano. Designed and handmade in Italy, the brand Locherber Milano belongs to Cosval, a company founded in 1972 by the Baerlocher family who originates from Switzerland. Today, the third generation of entrepreneurs led by Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher is redefining luxury by emphasizing craftsmanship, Italian history and design.  The Baerlocher family has managed to achieve the status of a luxury home fragrance brand by setting itself apart from its competitors by creating products that have the ability to elicit emotion, elegance and luxury. Whilst most brands have a very similar face, Locherber Milano products are bottled in ultra-modern patented design bottles and enriched with registered design lids made out different types of rare woods and marbles from all over the world, making them unique design objects.  With a true respect for the environment, whenever possible, Locherber Milano utilizes woods that would instead be thrown away. Locherber Milano fragrances remind of a time and place and a journey in discovering ingredients found all over the world, such as the Malabar Pepper from India, the Dokki Cotton from Egypt, Linen Buds from Italy. And to further their prominence in providing luxury, Locherber Milano products are packaged in high quality paper packaging and gift boxes.  Whether a stick diffuser, candle or their eau de parfum, the brand conveys luxury within both their fragrances and presentation. Complimenting various styles and homes, each product features a unique, handmade accent whether aged driftwood from the sea or exquisite glass.  Providing the basis of a sophisticated space or home, Locherber Milano fragrances make for a tasteful gift with scent and design combined. While the brand is based in Milan with a flagship store, it has just opened its second boutique in Rome. To learn more about Locherber and their line of luxury home fragrances, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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