How Amjad Khalid’s Network of Celebrity Friends Helped Dough Central During Covid-19

by Thomas Herd

2020 was an unprecedented year, it has had a monumental impact on how people live their life, as well as an overwhelming amount of businesses. One of the hardest industries effected by the pandemic was the restaurant business, many were forced to either shut down completely, or significantly limit their capacity. Amjad Khalid is an experienced restaurateur that is the owner and founder of Dough Central, a top-notch establishment for some of the finest pizza in the city. Located in Colliers Wood, South London, Dough Central serves great tasting pizza, while incorporating world famous ingredients and cuisines into their signature pizzas and subs. Khalid is looking to build on his previous successful restaurant, a family-owned Indian restaurant and banquet hall that has been prospering since its inception in 2015.

A big reason why Khalid was able to overcome the restrictions that came with the pandemic was due to his immense support from his large network of celebrity friends. They were often spotted at Dough Central enjoying one of their famous Charcuterie subs or signature Veggie Toscano pizzas. Once restrictions are eliminated, you can be sure to catch an A-list Hollywood celebrity or famous athlete enjoying their favorite dish at Dough Central.

Dough Central is best known for their signature pizzas, they are a reflection of Khalid’s love of travel, convenience, and great tasting food. The most popular dish at Dough Central is the Smokehouse pizza, it has ingredients that highlight the flair of the American Southwest. The pizza has a smokey barbecue base, pepperoni, beef, red onion, sweetcorn, crispy onions, topped off with a drizzle of barbecue sauce. Another customer favorite is the Chipotle Ole Pizza, it has some of the best ingredients used in Mexican cuisine. The pizza has beef, red onion, mixed peppers, jalapeños, spring onion, topped off with a drizzle of chipotle sauce. Dough Central also has famous classics like the pepperoni pizza and the margherita pizza. If you want to add your own spin, you can customize your own pizzas using Dough Central’s tasty toppings and ingredients. They also deliver, making Dough Central a great place for times of social distancing and Covid-19 regulations.

If you are not in the mood for pizza, Dough Central has great tasting signature subs, like the Philly Cheesesteak sub, the Charcuterie sub, as well as classics like a turkey sub. The waffles at Dough Central are a close second to their famous pizza, offering sweet and succulent choice like the Oreo Dream Waffle, the Hella Nutella Waffle, and the Banoffee Pie Waffle. Dough Central’s waffles are a great option for breakfast, especially when paired with one of their great tasting cappuccinos or americanos. They also have flavor packed gelatos and sorbets, as well as freshly baked doughnuts that are great for any time of the day. If you want to take the edge off after a long day at work, they have a wide selection of spirits, from beer, cider, white wine, and red wine. The diverse menu at Dough Central makes them a family favorite, it has a flavor or dish for anyone to enjoy.

Khalid has been so successful in the restaurant business because he is always looking to improve the menu at Dough Central, as he always stays up to date on what type of foods are trending in London, as well as the entire UK. He also likes to switch the base of the pizza at his restaurant to continue to captivate his customers with great taste. Whether you are a resident of South London or just visiting, make sure to stop by Dough Central for one of their many tasty dishes, you may even run into your favorite celebrity.

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