Herbal Skin Solutions Curates Ceremonial Skin Rituals To Honor The Divine Within

by Amir Bakian

The craving to adorn is as old as humanity is, and deserves to be honored.  Herbal Skin Solutions is devoted to creating skincare product experiences that make us feel blissfully, beautiful inside and out. They are inviting us to elevate the way we think about applying skincare by connecting the ingredients of the earth and intertwining skincare with soul care as a moving meditation.  Kaelin Jutras Zuniga, Licensed Esthetician, Founder and CEO of Herbal Skin Solutions, is spilling the tea on her plant lady, skin witchery and manifestation tools, like how to get the absolute most out of your skincare products beyond the physical, appearance level that is already a given based on the high quality ingredients she chooses and grows for the blends.

“You are invited to shift your skin routine to a sacred skin ritual. You yourself are sacred, and anytime you are adorning, caring for, and paying tribute to your body’s vessel, you are performing a sacred act. Turning routine into ritual has a way of breathing sacred life force energy into the seemingly simple tasks of our every day. Remember, skincare is also whole being, body, mind, and soul care”, is the fresh perspective that Kaelin has been facilitating through her brands work.  Self-care looks different for everyone and there is no right or wrong way to practice, and we will share some steps that can be taken immediately so you can shape-shift your self-care into a full-on sensory experience.

The first step in recreating your self-care ritual is getting grounded in your physical body. Start by getting settled somewhere cozy where you will be safe to close your eyes and deeply focus on relaxing each muscle in the body while doing a full body scan or check in. Notice the pace of your breath, how the chest rises on every inhale and deflates with every exhale. Can you try to double the length of your exhale to melt any tension you may be holding in the body? Take the time you need to figure out how you are feeling both physically and mentally in the given moment. If you notice any areas of discomfort or tightness, inhale loving awareness and exhale into the area that could use extra attention to soften. Bring your mind to an intention for  the skin ritual. See your skin goals in your mind’s eye and imagine how reaching those goals will  leave you feeling. Vision how meeting your skin goals will help you to show up in the world. As you bring your gaze back to the physical start of your skin ritual, show gratitude to yourself for all of your consistent practice that you see ahead of you on this journey toward love, as if it’s already been accomplished and your skin goals have already manifested into reality. Ultimately, since Herbal Skin Solutions ingredients are effective and of high quality, your skin goals / manifestations are already on their way to you. It’s just a matter of being devoted to your twice daily skin ritual, putting in the work so the reflection can show itself in your skin. After spending time checking in with your body, mind & remembering your “why”, your intention, and fostering gratitude for the results that are on their way to you, choose your favorite Herbal Skin Solutions cleanser (gel for deep pore cleansing or cream for extra, gentle, hydration ) and  massage it into your skin. If you are wearing makeup, it’s best to start by pre-cleansing with Neroli Nirvana facial oil to help emulsify makeup and remove it prior to the double cleanse portion of the skin ritual. Focusing on releasing tensions in the face, work the product around your cheeks, up and around  your forehead, and then drain down to your neck and jaw. The draining down motion from the sides of your face, down the chest is an essential step for detoxification. By draining any excess lymph fluid in the face & neck, we are able to release any puffiness in the skin.

Allow the earthy aroma of Herbal Skin Solutions’ garden full of ingredients within the cleanser to immerse you into a deeper relaxation. Imagine the benefit of each ingredient in action as you massage the cleanser into the skin. While rinsing your face with tepid water, you’re invited to hold gratitude for the clean water you have to cleanse with. Your product purchase helps support clean water initiatives in third world countries that are not as fortunate to have clean, drinking water, let alone water they can wash their face with, without trekking miles a day to fetch it. If you would like to learn about other carbon balancing and philanthropy projects that your Herbal Skin Solutions product purchases support, you can find out more about those positive impacts being made through their membership with 1% For The Planet.

Expressing gratitude daily is proven to enhance our positive emotions, optimism, and improve our overall physical health. Gratitude paired with facial massage has a far-flung list of benefits,  many of which are felt beyond measure! Massage helps to increase blood flow circulation which brings fresh blood supply to the face (or other area we massage). Fresh oxygen supply and nutrients are pumped through the blood, stimulating the skin cells, moving qi, or life force energy, aligning meridian lines and Traditional Chinese Medicine, points, improving full-body wellness. Patting the skin dry after double cleansing, it’s time for the most fabulous and healthiest kind of cocktails, serum cocktails! Gently press your skin brightening, tightening, plumping, cocktail, courtesy of Herbal Skin Solutions (and Mother Earth herself), into your skin while chanting your favourite mantras, sounds. Mantras are repetitive sounds used to penetrate the depths of the unconscious mind and adjust the vibration of all aspects of your being. Singing whatever song or sound that’s on your heart works just as well! Choose whichever natural rhythm or sound calls to you and follow that. Notice the shift that can be felt as “happy molecules” are then released in the brain.

To solidify the serum cocktails’ corrective, hydrating capabilities, locking in those serums is a  necessary key! For daytime skin rituals, we are encouraged to reach for the Herbal Skin  Solutions Healing Cream with Arnica and CBD and for nighttime skin rituals, the Blue Moon  Overnight Sleeping Mask (featuring Retinol paired with Blue Tansy Oil). As this final step in the skin ritual is being completed, this time is also recognized as a glowing opportunity to return to the intention set at the beginning of the ritual, before bringing your awareness back to daily life.  Enjoy watching the magic of synchronicity manifest, as the organic, botanical ingredients within your Herbal Skin Solutions, and Chakra Pura skin elixirs work in tandem to serve your skin goals!


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