Good Vibes Only: VIBES Launches Collection of Premium Rolling Papers

by Thomas Herd

Bay-area rap mogul and serial entrepreneur Berner teamed up with Greenlane to launch VIBES, a collection of premium rolling papers and cones. Berner, a marijuana aficionado himself, was early to the California cannabis market. His cannabis empire is now worth half a billion dollars. Berner’s partner in this venture, Greenlane, is the best possible ally to have. Greenlane is the leading global platform dedicated to bringing premium cannabis products to market. This pairing is sure to catapult any brand to stardom.

VIBES rolling papers are offered in natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin varieties. The paper is cultivated in France and produced in the Dominican Republic. These high-quality papers are meant to create the ultimate smoking experience for the modern-day marijuana savant. As consumers lean more and more towards being as green as possible, VIBES rolling papers provide a pure, clean option for every smoker. The brand is all about being transparent and curating culture.

The smoking industry has transformed into a more artful industry as marijuana becomes legalized in more areas than ever before. Rather than purchasing products from a dodgy dealer or convenience store, consumers are looking for tasteful, better-for-you products to indulge in. VIBES offers a great range of organic hemp papers.

VIBES is sold online as well as in select brick-and-mortar retail locations. In addition to the traditional paper offerings, VIBES just launched its fourth apparel collection. The brand also teamed up with Glow Tray to produce an illuminating LED rolling tray that is sold exclusively online. To learn more about VIBES, check out their website here.

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