Gillian Garcia Shares How to Promote Healthy Hair

by Amir Bakian

A great number of people are facing hair challenges, especially women. Unhealthy hair is common nowadays, and most hairstylists and hair professionals associate our current lifestyles with these problems. The good news is that there are remedies for almost all hair conditions; hence, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is to consult a hair expert or your hairstylist to discover the best hair care techniques that will benefit your condition. Gillian Garcia is among the renowned hair stylists in the US, and she understands the importance and processes needed to have or restore healthy hair.

Gillian Garcia is definitely at the pique of her hairstyling career and will help you restore health to your hair. She is a top hairstylist educator, philanthropist, content creator, and serial entrepreneur. Gillian has been in the hair industry for more than two decades now, and offers her clients the epitome of hairstyling services. Her reputation speaks for itself, and New York people can’t seem to get enough of her services. Her warm-hearted personality, contagious laugh, and uplifting gospel music will keep you company throughout the styling session. Gillian Garcia believes that she did not choose this career path; instead, it chose her, and it’s a special gift from God.

She came into the industry when healthy hair was normal, unlike today, where it is rare. Today having healthy hair is treated as a surprise and is almost envied. She has spotted this gap and established a brand that promises to provide a healthy hair journey. Her ambition is to bring back the trend of having healthy hair and make it a norm again.

She offers her clients a variety of products that help treat different hair conditions. Jupoppin Growth oil, being one of the products, They promote hair growth and also protect the hair by preventing the free radicals from damaging the hair. They are the best products to take to promote healthy hair. Ju Poppin Vitamin E oil key is a special type of vitamin Gillian Garcia offers her clients to help reduce hair breakage, split ends, frizz, and increase hair shine.

Avocado oil is one of the few oils that can penetrate the hair shaft deeply and strengthen the hair structure. If you seek to restore a natural shine to your hair, Gillian Garcia advises you to keep your hair moisturized. Aloe vera and Rosewater is also another unique remedy to restore healthy hair as it calms and soothes scalp inflammation.

She advises consuming foods rich in zinc for people suffering from severe hair loss as this will help prevent it. Healthy eating habits contribute to having healthy hair, but only if you eat the right foods.

Gillian Garcia works to promote healthy hair and healthier self-esteem, which is in line with her company motto: Look Good Feel Good. Having launched in the midst of the pandemic, her product  sales are experiencing tremendous growth. This success is confirmation of how reliable and efficient her organic products are. You can check out her website to see some of the customer reviews and testimonials.

There are many ways to have healthy hair, and Gillian advises that you should not wait until you have a hair condition to start practicing good habits. Set healthy hair goals and start today.

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