Front Row Flu Watch!

by The Daily Front Row

Flu-fighters! Have you succumbed to this season’s germ wave?

“No! In castings models come in and want to kiss you, and I always put Purell in my hands. I’m not being rude! I’m just a germaphobe.” —Richard Chai

“Yes. But I killed it with, like, turmeric and ginger. Organic Avenue!” —Chris Peters, Creatures of the Wind

“I’m a Jewish New Yorker. We’re very neurotic. I was afraid of the flu, so I invested in a lot of anti-bacterial stuff.” —Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland

“I’m not too worried about the flu. I’m much more worried about everyday life.” —Chris Burch

“No—and I’ve never had a flu shot. I take a lot of vitamin C, and David Kirsch vitamin mineral packs; I’m obsessed! He trains all the top models and designers. I also try to get sleep.”—Desiree Gruber

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