For Alex Only, Success Is More The Result Of Working Smart Rather Than Hard

by DN News Desk

If you had to choose between working hard and working smart, what would you choose? Its not a difficult choice. None of us in our hearts of hearts would choose strife and toil over ease and comfort. While the choice is easy, whats tough is what comes after making a choice – How does one work smart? In other words, what does working smart really mean? Here are 4 differences between working hard and working smart, according to Alex Only.

Uni-focus vs. Multi-focus 

A horse, to stay on track, needs blinders. Thats good for horses, not humans. Most people see hard work as a virtue. Alex Only adds, They dont realize that it soon turns into a crippling dogma. It robs our freedom and narrows our minds and vision. It keeps us focused on one possibility and blinds us to the others. It limits imagination, creativity, and collaboration. In short, it brings down our potential to think, explore and grow. On the other hand, smart work lets our curiosity thrive. It broadens our horizons and expands our vision.

Balance Vs. Imbalance 
Have you heard of the man who looked at the forest and couldnt see it for it was full of trees? Such is the man who works hard, ignoring the other vital aspects of life. For Alex Only, its about being practical, As the world gets competitive day-by-day, the hue and cry for work-life balance get louder and louder. People work hard, ignoring their families, friends, and even themselves. Hard work could be life-destructive. But smart work takes a look at lifes goals in amore realistic, practical, and wholesome way. Smart work allows you to plan for the next vacation as sincerely as you plan for your next business presentation.

Isolation Vs. Collaboration
No two humans are ever the same. The world is large, and the people of the world are varied in their skills, talents, and strength. For Alex Only, Smart work makes space for new possibilities by bringing together different skills and knowledge in collaboration. Hard work, on the other hand, has little time for anything out of the script. It is most comfortable with the tried and tested rigmarole.

Soulful Vs. Soulless
Hard work is all brain and muscles, clock-work coordination that resembles a soulless computer. Smart work, on the other hand, Alex Only believes, gives you the time to look at your work with love and pride. It keeps the mind composed and in harmony to let you express your individuality through your work. Success, the coveted muse, her teasing presence ever so near, yet to attain her and make her our own, a distant possibility. The universal quest to succeed in all our endeavors, whatever they may be, unites us as one. However, what separates us in this quest is the path we choose to take to reach success. Some choose the way of strife, toil, and hard work. Some choose the way of dedication, balance, and smart work. And those who choose the latter understand that success is not the destination; it is indeed the journey itself.

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