Get to Know the Leading Ladies in Hollywood’s Beauty and Esthetics Industry: Joanna of Joanna Vargas Skin Care, Shani of Shani Darden Studio, and Jules of Face of Jules

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Women are constantly finding ways to inspire others in their various fields, and the beauty and esthetics industry is no exception. Women are key to transformation and change in the beauty industry, a booming industry that is expected to grow to $79.64 billion by 2025. According to Forbes, some of this year’s top beauty trends include beauty from within, beauty across oceans, keeping things simple and straightforward, and to feel good is to look good. There are countless women leading the industry and pioneering in their respective fields within beauty and esthetics; here are a few that we have chosen to highlight.

Joanna of Joanna Vargas Skin Care

In The Gloss

This bi-coastal facialist is known for her non-invasive approach to anti-aging, and her innovative skincare line keeps her red carpet clientele glowing and healthy. Joanna Vargas has helped push the beauty industry forward with her dedication to health and overall well-being. The signature New York City and Los Angeles salons each incorporate “technique, technology and all-natural ingredients.” Vargas is not only known in the industry for her expertise, but she is also known for her intelligent approach to business and her ability to scale. Vargas enjoys seeing women who feel good in their own skin. The line of products utilizes plant-based ingredients, ensuring a nature-meets-technology approach. Vargas believes that preventative skin care is key to long-term happiness when it comes to the skin.

Shani of Shani Darden Studio


Also known as one of Hollywood’s favorite aestheticians, Shani Darden exercises a results-oriented approach to skincare. Her simplistic take on beauty is what has allowed her to stand out amongst others in the industry, earning the trust and respect of celebrities and other Hollywood elite. Darden is disruptive in the space of creating a plethora of high-quality tools and aesthetic technology to help her clients and propel her business to new levels of success. Darden began her career working under a leading dermatologist before branching out on her own. She became passionate about creating products that she could not find, and she sends clients home with custom formulas between visits. Darden opened the doors to her first Beverly Hills studio in 2019, where she treats clients, develops new formulas, and shares tips with her social media followers.

Jules of Face of Jules

Face Of Jules

Beginning her journey with no connections in the industry, Jules took a risk and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Jules garnered a wealth of experience by working at several highly-respected dermatology offices, holistic wellness centers, and aesthetic practices in Los Angeles. She learned the importance of beauty from within, and that balanced lifestyles are just as important as aesthetic skin care. After starting from nothing, drawing on her experiences, the young leader eventually opened up a posh aesthetics clinic that is taking Hollywood by storm, Face of Jules. Face of Jules is a Los Angeles-based facial spa that operates on a holistic philosophy. Despite being younger than our other members of the list, Jules is leading a movement of a bespoke holistic approach in aesthetics. The clinic’s results-oriented skincare and non-invasive treatments are designed to ensure each client leaves feeling their best. From microdermabrasion peels, oxygen therapy, chemical peels, to the popular DMK enzyme service, Face of Jules has a wide range of offerings to suit every skin type. Be sure to check out these leading ladies in beauty to stay updated on the latest within the industry.

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