How Ferrero Rocher Is Becoming The Fashion World’s Chocolate

by The Daily Front Row

What’s the connection between Ferrero Rocher chocolate and fashion? Plenty! Mark Wakefield, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Premium Chocolate at Ferrero North America, tells all and where you’ll be catching the luxe treat at NYFW!

What’s the tie in with fashion and the new Ferrero Rocher bar offerings?
We think there are a lot of similarities. Like a fine designer of fashion, we put a premium design aesthetic together with carefully selected ingredients to make a premium product that tastes as good as it looks. That’s why you see elements like gold-wrapped foil on every bar. For the bar itself, we were inspired by how designers use several delicate layers of fabric to create the perfect carefully crafted ensemble. We could have made a flat bar, but we put a refined dome on top of the chocolate square as an invitation to discover the different layers inside—a chocolate base supporting a soft and creamy filling, covered with a top layer of chocolate mixed with crunchy pieces of hazelnuts or almonds. We know layers matter, so like a designer fashioning a dress, we went to the same lengths with thoughtfulness and depth of care to ensure each layer delivers a premium look and experience. At Ferrero, we have a strong Italian heritage, like many of the great Italian fashion houses. During our initial research, we saw the connection to a strong familial background and a focus on quality, aesthetic, and peerless craftsmanship, whether it’s with chocolate or textiles. We saw a lot of similarities between the two spaces, and we knew we wanted to explore that intersection more.
How will you be activating during New York Fashion Week?
Of course, we were eager to join The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards, which is always such a celebratory occasion of fashion, creativity, and taste. We’re also hosting an interactive sampling event at Hudson Yards in NYC. All day on Saturday, September 10, we’re giving everyone a chance to walk the fashion runway—a Ferrero Rocher fashion runway, of course. We’ll have plenty of bar samples and ways for people to learn more about how the new Ferrero Rocher bars can elevate both their everyday and celebratory moments. We’re thrilled to introduce the new Ferrero Rocher bars, and we couldn’t think of a better time to launch than during New York Fashion Week.

How did you approach the packaging?
The packaging of our bars was designed to be high end and visually appealing. We think we’re the “best-dressed” premium chocolate bar in the space. We made a concerted effort to find elements, like the chic gold-wrapped foil, to elevate and differentiate our offering from the existing options in the space. We also wanted to tell the story of Ferrero Rocher and stay true to the chocolates we’re known for, but introduce it in a new and delicious form. To that end, we have our iconic Ferrero Rocher pyramid on the logo embossed on the pack and the gold-foil wrapper, which adds a beautiful pop of color. The textured foil on the packaging gives it a premium feel that’s commonly used in the prestige beauty and fashion space. We feel the packaging design aesthetic speaks to our consumer and what they’re looking for in a premium chocolate offering.
How do you plan on bringing life into the chocolate world?
For us, it’s about bringing our unique premium taste and texture experience to the bar category to elevate the consumer experience. With Ferrero Rocher launching in a bar form, we bring our same artisanal craftsmanship in selecting and combining our fine chocolate with delicious crunchy hazelnuts for the iconic taste consumers know. Now, chocolate lovers and fashionistas have a new way to experience our brand. The reception we’ve had all around the world has been fantastic so far, and we’re excited to offer it now in the United States!
What are some perfect occasions for people to enjoy the new Ferrero Rocher bars?
We’ve been elevating big moments like parties, gifting, and celebrations for years. The new Ferrero Rocher bar is for those everyday celebrations—you just aced a work presentation, wrapped up some renovations to your home, or are celebrating planning a vacation with friends. Ferrero Rocher bars help elevate those everyday moments and turn them into a celebration. It’s the perfect complement.

What differentiates Ferrero Rocher from other chocolates?
Of course, it must be the hazelnut! But not only. Like all Ferrero Rocher products, these bars have been created with the utmost attention to the full experience people enjoy when they take a bite. The new bar is unique from other bars in the premium chocolate space because it offers a full, multisensory experience with layers of creamy chocolate, hazelnut pieces, and a smooth chocolate shell. It plays up different textures that all go together so well. We also have four different flavors—Original Milk Hazelnut, 55% Dark Hazelnut, White Hazelnut, and Hazelnut & Almond—and they will be available in fall 2022 at retailers nationwide. You can also learn more at
How do you see the Ferrero Rocher brand moving forward in the future?
I see us continuing to focus on creating high-quality, unique premium chocolates for consumers that provide an unparalleled taste experience. As trends change, we’ll be looking to lean into them to continue the premium trend and differentiate ourselves in the chocolate category. At a high level, we will be focusing on growing the Ferrero Rocher brand, especially in the U.S. market.
What do you love most about working in the chocolate field?
For us, it’s about producing the highest-quality chocolate for everyone that trusts us to be their go-to for those celebratory moments, for gifting, and more. We love getting feedback from fans and hearing how our products made their day better, it added something extra to their “me” moments, made them feel special in the moment, or was the perfect gift for their loved ones to express how much they care for them.



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