Entrepreneur Dennis Schwager is Shining High with His Top Hookah Brand ‘Shisha Cloud’

by DN News Desk

If you have ever puffed Hookah — at home or at a hookah bar — there’s a great chance the gadget before you is from Shisha Cloud. We all know that Hookah, both straight and culturally, has long been connected in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Its written history is almost 500 years old, way back in the 1500s. For the last few years when you search top Hookah companies globally, you will definitely see the name of Shisha Cloud founded by German-born Entrepreneur Dennis Schwager. From a small office, he is building an empire of his own. He is earning big thanks to his innovative ideas and connecting to hookah lovers worldwide via social media platforms like youtube, IG, FB, etc.

This thriving entrepreneur is very passionate, and down to earth, he believes in combining traditional and modern things. With its reach, Hookah has slowly grown popularity outside of its native region, particularly among young people — and Shisha Cloud is limited to one country now.

Business beginnings – Dennis Schwager’s Shisha Cloud:
Dennis Schwager was interested in water pipes relatively early on and then started making videos about this topic on the YouTube channel called “Shisha Stabil.” After getting good responses on various social media platforms, he dares to start a business. He comes from a modest family, so it was not easy for him to invest money in business. He borrowed credit from the bank of 25,000€.

Rise of Dennis Schwager and Shisha Cloud:
Shisha Cloud growth is due to their customer support, honest and transparent working method. Updating every day in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. It is always them to connect to their clients and know what’s lacking in their product. They have created a good fan base by replying to each and everyone’s questions. Due to hard work and passion, Shisha Cloud has touched new highs and became a renowned brand. Dennis’ growth in the past five years is double today; he drives an Audi RS6, which is most satisfying for any hard working entrepreneur. Dennis Schwager says to become an entrepreneur; you don’t need a degree to prove your talent, you need passion, persuasiveness, creativity and courage to make it big in life.

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