Editor’s Pick: L’Couture Serenity Seamless Collection

by Freya Drohan

What: If you know the Daily, you’ll know that we have a weakness for anything and everything luxury. And so, what we wear to workout wear is no different. Enter: L’Couture, a female-founded Dubai-based luxury athleticwear brand that marries flattering styles with functional fabrics and medal-worthy fits.

Who: The brand, which just celebrated its first store opening, was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Lyndsay Doran. Beyond its clothing offering, L’Couture aims to create a community of empowered women in the Middle East and encourage them to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle—a mission furthered by the fact it’s an all-female team behind the scenes.


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Why: As a little New Year treat/motivation re: that fitness goal you loftily set yourself, L’Couture kicked off 2022 by dropping two great collections; Elevate Touch and Serenity Seamless. The latter collection had us at hello—we’re long used to matching bras and leggings sets, but Serenity Seamless also brings a third piece, a matching tank or long sleeved top, into the mix for those days where we want to feel a little more covered up.

Where: us.lcouture.com

How much: from $27

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