Dr. Jonathan Kung Explains How to Live Life to the Fullest Within and Outside of Medicine

by The Daily Front Row

Are you feeling fulfilled? Are you balancing the amount you work with enough recreation and downtime? If not, gastroenterologist Jonathan Kung recommends doing so. As someone who is an entrepreneur, speaker, and athlete who makes it a point to live an active lifestyle whenever he has the chance, he knows firsthand how beneficial it can be. According to him, you can be a full-time doctor and still be living life to the fullest.

It’s not unusual for doctors to work long hours, sometimes going for 24 hours or more at once. However, if all you do is work, then your stress levels will be elevated for prolonged periods of time. This will lead to life-threatening illnesses that Dr. Kung has seen in many of his patients. As someone who looks at the gut and digestive system, he has seen the direct effects of stress on these systems. That is why he is committed to making time to reduce stress by getting active and resting.

To balance out working long hours in a hospital, Dr. Kung goes to the gym to perform resistance training, practices martial arts, plays soccer three times a week, boxes, and plays basketball, among other things. He also travels whenever he can.

Not only focusing on being active, Dr. Kung also improves his lifestyle and mental health by dressing fashionably. This allows him to feel like a million bucks, which is an instant mood elevator and confidence booster. He also makes sure to have an active social life.

“It’s extremely important to always make time outside of healthcare for family, friends, exercise, and travel,” he says. “In the last couple years before the pandemic started, I have been fortunate to explore Iceland, Aruba, and Japan. A balance of a proactive lifestyle, both inside and outside of the hospital, keeps me healthy and motivated.”

Not only does all of this motivate Dr. Kung, but he also no motivates countless people in-person and online through his popular Instagram page. He is regularly dispensing free advice and motivation to over 77,000 followers, while showing inspiring content that spurs others to take action and live their best lives. For Jonathan, it’s vital to follow your passions.

Dr. Kung shares his experiences with others so that they can glean ideas from him regarding what they may consider doing in their lives to improve it. This could be going to the gym, riding a bike, or simply taking a walk. There is a wealth of activities people can take part in that will be what works best for them to achieve happiness. With a little bit of self-exploration, everyone can find what they are passionate about that will also improve their physical and mental health.

Jonathan’s passion for the health and happiness of his patients, friends, family, and community inspires his own personal growth and passion for helping and motivating others.

You can follow Jonathan Kung on Instagram @jonny_kay

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