How Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer Organized Several Equestrian Activities with the Dubai Royal family

by DN News Desk

Equestrianism is rooted deeply in history and significance. Known for being a sport of kings, it is no wonder that equestrian activities run deep in the elite circles of the upper echelon. A beautiful and intricate sport, equestrianism, is again on the rise as people gravitate towards its cultural ties. Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer has organized several equestrian activities within the Dubai Royal Family due to his expertise and regal herd of camels and horses. Saeed is both accomplished and well-known in the equestrian world. The winner of several prestigious awards, Saeed has competed internationally and performed exceptionally well. “Equestrianism is a sport of patience and hard work,” says Saeed. “You have to be able to work alongside animals understanding that the sport is not about you. It is incredibly humbling.”

Equestrianism is an intricate part of Emirati culture and heritage. “It is an honor to work with the Dubai Royal family,” states Saeed. “It just goes to show how important this sport is to our country and the Royal family’s dedicated to upholding Emirati cultural values.” Saeed organizes events within the Royal family promoting stories of the country’s past and future through exciting equestrian pursuits unique to the region. “Equestrianism is definitely an ancient sport,” explains Saeed. “One that has been translated and lost over time. My work with the Royal family centers on what it means to a culture that has relied on horses and camels for centuries. Our love for these animals runs very deep.” Whether a race or a showcase, Saeed’s events are fit for royalty with an appreciation for the storied sport.

Saeed believes that equestrianism will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Emirati people. “Whether you are thinking of caravans full of mysterious camels or races with beautiful horses, equestrian events promote a story of the Emirates more people should understand,” believes Saeed. Saeed’s work is about so much more than winning. It’s about upholding the history, culture, values, and story of a nation built on equestrianism.

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