Meet L.A.’s Leading Influencer Injury Lawyer David Yersushalmi 

by Thomas Herd
With the meteoric rise of the digital age, industries far and wide have been irrevocably transformed by the revolution of technological advancement. From fashion to finance to social media and more, the workforce looks different in many ways than it did ten years ago. And as many know, influencers and content creators have become the new and desirable profession. From this new niche career path and industry has come an entirely new area of law that one Los Angeles personal injury lawyer has capitalized on. Introducing attorney David Yerushalmi of Yerushalmi Law Firm, a law firm that specializes in influencer injuries.
Having graduated top five in his class from the University of Southern California and later attending The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City, David’s drive to succeed came early on in the beginning of his career. Though growing up in Los Angeles, he became familiar with influencers, models and other creatives of the sort at an early age. Upon graduating, the young lawyer encountered an influencer who was involved in an accident that compromised her ability to continue creating content for her brand and social media presence. David was able to immediately identify the potential opportunity to gain a huge insurance settlement for his client.

“I think my experience with so many people from different walks of life has really helped me relate to the human story and empathize with it and that has led to clients trusting me and opening up,” David says. “Then I am able to take that human story and present it to the insurance company and show them that what a jury would see in this case is a lot more than just a broken arm, or a small burn. It’s a woman or a man whose life has really been affected.”

With the effects of her injuries exacerbated by her role as an influencer, the injury was prohibiting her from working and therefore gaining new opportunities for income. And while this might seem like the obvious strategy, David doesn’t stop there. In fact, in these interesting cases, he even goes as far as working closely with psychologists to identify any potential effects on influencers, models, etc. from these types of injuries. Though accident injury law has been around for years, Yerushalmi Law Firm has been the first of its kind to distinguish the stark differences between typical accident injury and influencer injury.

In these types of cases, David has managed to win more than 10 times the norm for injury settlements and has been successful recovering for loss of followers and engagement on social media. And with a “no win, no fee” guarantee, the risk is essentially zero for any of his clients.

The firm is one of very few and possibly the first focusing in the new narrow area of influencer injuries, Yerushalmi Law Firm is single-handedly revolutionizing the industry of injury law with this new and particular area of law. And with an emphasis in customer care, his clients continue to see the justice they deserve with the utmost attention and detail they need.

To learn more about David Yerushalmi, visit the Yerushalmi Law Firm website or follow him on Instagram.

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