Covid-19: The Birth of ChaelaBre and Soul Purge

by Amir Bakian

ChaelaBre, the mighty spirit conjuror and natural healer has revealed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in her life journey.  Like other businesses, Covid-19 had a significant impact on Soul Purge. But it’s more of a positive influence on ChaelaBre, who took over Soul Purge from her mother, Lala Inuti Ahari.

Covid-19; A Medium for Change
ChaelaBre has mentioned that Covid-19 opened the door for new opportunities, as many people were looking for healing and energy. She was happy to lend her services to these people suffering emotionally.When asked if there was a moment that made her decide on her present course of life, she responded,  “The COVID-19 pandemic led me to find new ways to express myself artistically, which led to modeling. Tapping into this kind of expression is an outlet that ties in my passion for acting, modeling, and spirituality”. She further explained how the moment and period defined her. In her own words, “It created an outlet for my expression in a way that’s bigger than me. People can be inspired by what I do and feel something. I share energy and healing with people through my work with Soul Purge, and my modeling career is something that can inspire young girls as well”.

Other Interests
Apart from being a spiritualist and great entrepreneur into a purpose-driven modeling career, Soul Purge is on course for a foundation dedicated to black women’s dignity. She’s establishing a “Royal Core Events,” which will be a space where black women can express their sensuality and femininity in a fun and different way.Speaking further on charity causes, she revealed, “I’m interested in causes for black women and teen girls’ empowerment and mental health causes. I’m passionate about mental health because of the struggles I’ve faced, and I think that awareness needs to be raised on the issue, especially in the black community”. ChaelaBre, whose work incorporates Hoodoo (an ancient spiritual practice), Crystals, conjuring angels, and spelled oils, is undoubtedly a hard worker driven for humanity’s course.

Benefits of Soul Purge

Since taking over Soul Purge, she has affected lives via spiritual cleansings and spell-works.  Here are some ways Soul Purge has impacted lives;

  • Soul Purge has helped people globally, freeing them from the daily drain of negative energy and blockages.
  • She specializes in spiritual or aura cleansing, healing, un-hexing, and soul-tie removals.
  • She also helps those seeking to manifest their realities or heal via holistic spiritual means.
  • And through spell-works, Soul Purge has offered results within 72 hours globally with some almost quick results.

What’s Next?
In another development, in early December, ChaelaBre, the 2nd daughter of Lala Inuti Ahari, launched her bath salt selection “Potion Motion”, which are expertly blessed bath salts for spiritual cleansing. The bath salts have been designed to help her customers and clients tap into their powers, especially those who do not have the time to help themselves.

Final Words
Beyond Covid-19, the actress, model, and spiritualist owe it all to her mother. “My mom deeply inspired me. I saw my mom changing other peoples’ lives, and I crossed over when my mom asked me to take over Soul Purge”, she explained.

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