Chicercise: The People's Bootcamp Day 1

by The Daily Front Row

The People’s Bootcamp founder, Adam Rosante is getting the fash set into shape. After 10 years of private training sessions, Rosante founded The People’s Bootcamp as a means of making his revolutionary approach to fitness available to everyone, regardless of financial standing. (Though he’s embarrassed to admit it, Rosante was originally inspired to start weight lifting by Marky Mark. No judgment here!) What does the fitness guru advise when kicking your workouts up a notch? “If you’re looking to be strong, long, lean and most importantly healthy, have more energy, [working out] five days a week is great!” Why not dedicate two of those days and join us at The People’s Bootcamp? We’ll be the ones in the neon New Balance gear! Here are some sets from the man himself. 

Perform each of the 4 exercises in SET 1 for 30 seconds back-to-back with no rest.
At the end of round 1, rest for 30 seconds and begin again. Repeat this format for a total of 3 rounds. 
At the end of round 2, you’re going to add an extra exercise and then another at the end of round 
Rest another 30 seconds and repeat this exact same format for SET 2. 


1) Tuck Jump
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, fingers interlaced  or resting atop one another at chest level. Press the hips back into a squat and immediately explode upward driving the knees toward the palms. Land softly and quietly on the mid-foot, rolling back to the heels. Immediately push the hips back to absorb the impact of the landing. Repeat.

2) Low Squat Oblique Punches
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Press hips back into a low squat until the upper thighs are parallel to the ground, keeping the weight in the heels and knees behind toes. Squeeze the abs as you twist the torso and punch to the right. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating.

3) Tap Ups
Come to the top of a plank position with wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Keep the torso rigid and spine straight as you lower the body 1 inch from the floor. Maintaining that rigid torso, push back up to the top of the plank position. At the top of the movement, tap your left shoulder with the fingertips on your right hand, return hand to the floor. Tap your right shoulder with the fingertips on your left hand, return hand to the floor. Continue repeating the pushup/tap combination. 

4) Double Unders

Imagine that you have a lightweight jumprope in your hands. Start jumping rope with enough speed in the arms and height in your jump to pass the rope under your feet twice in each jump. Imagine hearing the rope slap the floor twice. Land softly and quietly, pausing only momentarily before jumping again. 

5) Lighting Bolt Arm Raises (added to the end of round 2)
Sit on the floor with your legs bent in front of you at a 45 degree angle, heels on the floor with feet flexed. Draw the crown of your head to the ceiling, open your chest and pull your shoulders down your back. Pull the belly button in and up. Maintaining this straight torso, hinge back at the hips to a 45 degree angle. You should look like a lightning bolt from heels to knees to hips to head. Hold this position as your slowly raise your arms up, elbows in line with the ears, pause for a beat and slowly lower the fingertips to a quarter inch above the floor. Continue repeating the arm movement. 

6) Classic Crunch (added to the end of round 3) 
Lie on your back, bend your knees, place your feet flat on the floor and place your fingers behind your head. Draw your belly button in and up. Slowly contract your abs as you exhale to come up raising the head and shoulders about two inches off the floor. Keep the neck in line with the spine; do not pull the neck. Slowly lower back down. Repeat. 


1) Scissor Switches
Step forward with the right foot into a fairly wide staggered stance. Keeping your torso upright, lower yourself into a lunge until your right thigh is parallel to the ground, making sure the front knee stays over the ankle. Your elbows should be tight to your sides with your fists raised to the chest. Jump up and switch your legs mid-air to land left foot forward. Immediately drop back down into a lunge. Continue alternating sides. 

2) 3 Point Plankers
Start at the top of a plank position, wrists below shoulders. Keep the hands planted firmly on the floor as you brace the core and jump the feet toward the outside of the left hand. Return to start. Jump the feet to the outside of the right hand. Return to start. Now jump the feet in between the hands. Return to start. Continue alternating the pattern being sure to engage your core during the movement and keeping a straight spine in each of the starting positions. Don’t let your hips pike or lower spine drop down in the plank position. 

3) Plank Punches
From the top of a plank position, brace the core and punch forward with the right hand at a level where the bicep is in line with the ear. Return the hand to the floor and punch forward with the left hand. Continue alternating punches as your maintain a rigid torso. Try not to let the body excessively rock side to side during the movements. 

4) Oblique High Knees
Stand with your feet hip width apart, chest open, shoulders pulled down the back. Raise your hands to chest level, bringing elbows out to sides, forming a T with your arms. From here brace the core as you alternate driving opposite knees up to hip height one at a time. It should look like you’re running in place. As you raise the right knee, contract the core twisting down slightly to the right over that thigh. Return to start and repeat ton the opposite side. 

5) Lying Leg Lift with Chest Fly (added to the end of round 2) 
Lie flat on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you, arms out to the sides. Your body should look like a T. Draw the belly button in and up, now squeeze the core. Keeping legs straight, raise heels off the ground to 45 degrees as you simultaneously bring the hands together in front of the chest, maintaining a slight bend in the elbows. Return the arms and legs to the floor. Repeat. 

6) Figure 8 Ball Pass (added to the end of round 3) 
Sitting in that Lightning Bolt position (see #5 in SET 1 above), hold an imaginary medicine ball at your waist. Extend the legs at a 45-degree angle and scissor legs as you pass the ball under right leg and over top of right leg, then under and over left leg, in a figure eight pattern. Continue repeating for 30 seconds. 

Victoria’s Secret catalogue here we come!