Brooke Sevigny helped people Just like Loulou Beatz in the music world

by DN News Desk

Brooke Sevigny, musical artist and writer Born and was raised in Newport Beach California. When she was in 9th grade she was diagnosed with a genetic lung disorder, due to exhaustion inflicted by her illness, Brooke struggled to keep up socially with her peers.​ Brooke was close to death which make her realize how privileged she was to have access to good healthcare, and in turn unearthed a passion for wanting to use her  struggles as a tool to help the disenfranchised.

She went on to work for the doctor who saved her life. She worked with patients and their families who suffered from various rare diseases. Understanding the importance of genetics and the role evolution plays in our development of a healthy immune system, she registered that public healthcare is missing a large anthropological aspect. She decided that she would attend college and study evolutionary anthropology, her drive and passion for science opened doors for her to work on consecutive archeological excavations in Europe as well as various labs in the Los Angeles area.

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